The Elf Did What? – Funny Typo Found In D&D Book

Elves might believe themselves to be the highest among all of the races in many Dungeons & Dragons campaigns, but they still need to go the bathroom like everyone else, which has been confirmed by a hilarious typo that was discovered in Baldur’s Gate: Descent Into Avernus. 

The Dungeons & Dragons franchise is composed of numerous books spread across five different editions, so it’s only natural that a few typos have appeared over the years. The most infamous of these involved a sloppy use of the Find/Replace Text function in an early word processor, as Encyclopedia Magica, Volume 1 for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons replaced all instances of the word “mage” with “wizard,”  leading to every instance of the word “damage” becoming “dawizard,” making it seem as if the author was speaking in an odd accent.

Dungeons & Dragons Elf Cover

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The autocorrect and spellchecking programs of the world won’t work if the word is misspelled as another valid word. This happened on page 133 of Baldur’s Gate: Descent Into Avernus, as pointed out by Gil the Vlogsmith on Twitter. It seems that one of the elves in the underworld needed to go real bad as the party approaches him.

It seems that the word that was intended to be used was “peering” rather than the one that implied that the elf decided to relieve himself in front of the party, possibly in fear of the group of marauding murder hobos that were approaching.

A misspelled word in a book isn’t uncommon, but it’s particularly hilarious in this case due to how it turned an encounter into something rude. It’s not unheard of for player characters to go number one on the corpses of their enemies, but it’s entirely another when an NPC does it in a licensed Dungeons & Dragons product. Smiler the Defiler greeted the players with a stream of his own making, which easily makes him the most memorable character in Baldur’s Gate: Descent Into Avernus, as few of the denizens of the underworld welcomed the party in such an unusual way.

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