The Emperor’s Own Is Your Chance To Be An Early 19th Century Russian Spy

Russia-based independent Volga Studios recently launched a Kickstarter to fund its first video game, The Emperor’s Own, an alternate universe early 19th-century Russian adventure game with RPG elements. The project has a lofty $100,000 goal, and is almost halfway there with 18 days remaining as of this writing.

The Emperor’s Own Kickstarter offers a whopping 17 reward tiers, ranging from $1 all the way up to $10,000. The reward tiers are comically and enticingly named, as well, along with having humorous descriptions explaining each tier’s details. As you may expect, the rewards include a copy or copies of the full video game, a game art book, the official soundtrack, and game map. You can also secure your chance at becoming one of the official game testers, have your name and a brief personal description added to the game’s credits, receiving a recorded personal thank you by one of the game’s professional voice actors, and more. With the top $10,000 reward tier, you will be invited to travel to Russia and spend a day at Volga Studios with the developers and all the Russian hospitality that comes with.

The game already has its’ own Steam page where you can play the alpha teaser for free. There’s also multiple videos up over on the Volga Studios’ YouTube channel showing off gameplay in English and Russian. According to the Kickstarter and the game’s website, The Emperor’s Own takes place in an alternate 1803 in the fictional Slavomir Empire. You roleplay as “Cornet Alexander Obolenskii, a young officer recently recruited into Secret Intelligence because of outstanding accomplishments in the Imperial Academy”. As a member of Imperial Secret Intelligence, you and your unit are beholden to no one except the Emperor himself, and are “entrusted with life and death authority over all other residents of the Empire, from the lowest peasant to the highest aristocrat.”

How you use (or abuse) this great responsibility is the focus of the game’s story, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to make your decisions during a campaign that involves a peasant uprising “threatening to turn into a bloody class-based civil war”. The devs state the game world “ is one of contrasts and extremes, from the dizzying wealth of the imperial palace and the capital, to the poverty and destitution of backwater villages.” You’ll experience a great many things during your journey, from grand political intrigue to close personal relationships, including romance. The devs state no punches will be pulled and no coats will be sugared in the game, with the promise that you’ll “experience that world and its atmosphere with all the glory and all the horror it has to offer, without any fairy-tales, magic, or monsters.”

The Kickstarter page has more details for the game, including the backstory, characters, and narrative, along with more about Volga Studios itself. You can also find more on The Emperor’s Own Twitter and Instagram channels.

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