The Evil Within 2: How To Obtain Every Weapon

When it comes to fighting monsters straight out of your worst nightmares, being well equipped is a must. The enemies in The Evil Within 2 won’t go easy on you (especially if you play the game in higher difficulties), so it’s best to explore the world having a powerful weapon with you.

Luckily for you and Sebastian, this game is packed with top-notch weapons you can find and use during your playthroughs. From a badass flamethrower to a crossbow that lets you work with the game’s environment, every weapon is out there, just waiting for you to find them.

Sawed-Off Shotgun

This long firearm is one of the first you’ll find in the game. Because the Sawed-Off Shotgun is, well, a shotgun, it deals an impressive amount of damage in close range, so keep it close for the indoor sections of the game. This weapon has other advantages like cheap upgrades and the fact that you’ll find its ammo quite frequently in the game world.

Sebastian can find the Sawed-Off Shotgun scattered around the Union Residential Area, in places like:

  • Tredwell Trucking: the weapon will be in the room where you find one of lily’s dolls.
  • The car that’s in The Pit Stop.
  • Another one is lying next to a car just outside of 345 Cedar Ave.
  • In the Marrow Facilities
  • Inside The Marrow Armory, in a weapon case located in the last room.

Brass Knuckles

Brass Knuckles make you feel like a complete badass in every game, allowing you to take down enemies with just fist power. There is a tiny catch, though; to unlock this bad boy, you’ll need to complete the game on Nightmare or Classic difficulty.

In case you’re wondering, these are totally worth it. The Brass Knuckles deal 150 points of damage per hit and can take out most enemies with just one punch.

Double-Barreled Shotgun

What’s better than a powerful shotgun? One shotgun but with double the power! This weapon fires double the ammo dealing more damage with each shot. The only problem is that this shotgun takes a long time to reload, which could be an issue with quicker enemies.

Nevertheless, if you want this weapon, you’ll need to complete two missions, one in chapter 7 and the other in chapter 13, both of them given by Julian Sykes, whom you can find at the parking lot in the center of the map during chapter 7.


There’s just something utterly satisfying about killing your enemies with a fire weapon, especially in The Evil Within 2, where you spent a good part of the game fighting or running from Harbingers and their flamethrowers.

To get this weapon, you’ll have to defeat a mini-boss fight in chapter 11, but it will be broken, so you’ll have to kill at least two Harbingers to recovers the parts to repair it.

Silenced Handgun

Stealthy gameplay in this game is totally possible, and there are weapons designed to help you with that. Just take a look at the Silenced Handgun; while it might not be as powerful as the other handguns in the game, this weapon is perfect for luring enemies into traps.

To get this Handgun, you’ll have to complete a series of quest Julian Sykes will give you during chapter 7. The gun is inside the orange crate in Skyes’ hideout.

Hand Axe

Most melee combat is done with the combat knife you get at the beginning of the game. Still, the Hand Axe presents an excellent alternative. This weapon is one-time use only, but it will instantly kill an enemy with just one hit.

You’ll find Hand Axes scattered around the map, either as a dropped loot from fallen enemies or lying around in the environment.


While this weapon has a slow fire rate and a nasty recoil, it deals a decent amount of damage. You can find the Revolver after defeating Anima during her three scripted events. The first one will when you’re inside the house at 336 Cedar Avenue, the next one will be at Juke Diner, and the final encounter happens during chapter 11, in The Marrow’s Restricted Labs.

Full-Barrelled Shotgun

This shotgun deals a fair amount of damage and has a better range than the other shotgun in the game. To find this weapon, you’ll need to head over the “Post Plus” safe house and head south; you’ll eventually come across a shed. The problem? It’s locked, and the key is in another part of the map. To get the key go to the south of the map to find a soldier’s corpse with the key.

Semi-Automatic Handgun

The Semi-Automatic Handgun isn’t the best weapon in The Evil Within 2, but it gets the job done. It takes like three to four shots to take down an enemy, so you’ll need lots of ammo for this one. In conclusion, this one is a good option for the early stages of the game, but you’ll definitely want to swap it for another weapon later on. This Handgun can’t be missed as it’s one of the first ones you’ll get in the game, at the end of chapter 2.


Long-time fans of this franchise might recognize this weapon, as it appears in the first game. This gun deals 150 points of damage per hit and can take out enemies with just one shot to the head. And while the Magnum is no doubt a gun you’ll want, it can only be obtained after you played through chapter 2 in the New Game + mode.

Warden Crossbow

When it comes to slaying monsters, anything that lets you kill the creature is a good weapon. Still, the Warden Crossbow takes one step more and lets you load up to five different bolt types. And while you can shoot those directly to the enemy, warden bolts are best when using in conjunction with the environment, dealing way more damage. For example, you can fire a shock bolt to a water poodle and see the monsters get electrified.

You’ll find the Warden Crossbow during chapter 3 while doing the quest “Resonances.” If you ask Liam O’Neal for firepower, the crossbow’s location will be marked on the map.

Laser-Sighted Handgun

This Handgun deals a similar amount of damage as the Semi-Automatic Handgun. However, its laser sight gives it a big plus and makes it easier for you to hit enemies at larger distances. If you want to find this Handgun, look in Union Auto Repair’s parking area during chapter 3.

Assault Rifle

This rifle once belonged to Esmeralda Torres, so it fits you’ll find it next to her body (which is inside Yukiko Hoffman’s Safe House). While you can use the Assault rifle as a mid-to-close-ranged weapon, it deals more damage at close range thanks to its fire rate.

Sniper Rifle

Sniper rifles can quickly become a gamer’s favorite because they get the job done without involving you directly in the fight. You’ll find this weapon during chapter 3, but it’s broken, so if you want to use it you’ll need to find the parts to repair it. However, functioning Sniper rifles can later be found during chapters 11, 13, and 15.

To get the broken weapon during chapter 3, just investigate the icon in your map that pinpoints to a Fallen Mobius Operative. Searching the Operative will give you clues as to where the rifle parts are.

While it may be a little tedious going through all that work of fixing the rifle, it’s definitely worth it to have such a powerful weapon during the early stages of the game.

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