The Fall Guys VS TimTheTatman Feud Has Turned Into A Wholesome Friendship

Something strange has happened between the Fall Guys Twitter account and TimTheTatman. Are they… becoming friends?

If you’ve been following the Fall Guys Twitter account for the past few weeks, you’d know that there’s a bit of a rivalry between the Fall Guys social media manager and Twitch streamer TimTheTatman. It started as some not-so-friendly roasting of Tim’s inability to win a game and has since become a daily occurrence. At one point, it was almost hourly.

Tim’s quest to win a crown has also captured the attention of Fall Guys fans. His consistent failures were both so relatable and yet also inspiring. Despite losing day after day after day, Tim kept trying to reach that final round for just one more chance at grabbing the final crown.

And then one day, it finally happened. On August 20, with record-setting Twitch viewers, TimTheTatman finally snagged his first Fall Guys win. But his victory celebration was short-lived after controversy emerged surrounding the circumstances of Tim’s final round performance. Fellow streamer Nadeshot assisted Tim in getting the Crown, leading to Tim vowing to get a legit win on his own without anybody’s help.

Since then, the Fall Guys Twitter account has softened its tone for Tim… well, slightly. Roasting tweets are now every other day rather than every day, although the meme has reached far enough that even corporations have taken up the cause.

Today’s tweet is perhaps the softest yet. Community manager Oliver Hines (who is behind each and every one of those roasting tweets) admitted that he himself has yet to ever win a Fall Guys game.

“I have a painful confession to make,” Hines wrote while posting his Fall Guys player profile to confirm he has zero crowns. “We’re not so different, you and I.”

Tim has taken to ignoring most tweets from the Fall Guys account, but this time he responded with some encouraging words.”I can give you some tips if you need them bro.”

Does this mark a wholesome turning point in the Fall Guys / TimTheTatman relationship?

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