The Full Mortal Kombat 11 Roster So Far

The Mortal Kombat 11 reveal event lived up to its name, laying bare a number of new details. The biggest remaining mystery is who’s filling out the character roster. NetherRealm has revealed a number of characters, old and new, that will be unleashing a bevy of punches, kicks, and gruesome finishers with. We imagine in the weeks to come we’ll find out more as well. We’ll update this list with every fighter revealed.

For now, here’s who we know will be in Mortal Kombat 11 (and some folks who are probably on the way).

Confirmed Fighters

Jacqui Briggs

Another of Mortal Kombat X’s new fighters returns for Mortal Kombat 11, and she’s brought a host of high-tech gadgets with her.

Erron Black

The trickster gunslinger was confirmed by the latest story trailer, and he’s got a few new underhanded moves up his sleeve.

Cassie Cage

Surprise! Cassie was sporting a ponytail the entire time! Oh, and she’s been confirmed as a playable fighter in the latest trailer. You can read our in-depth impressions of the character here.


Armed with her bo-staff, the stealth assassin Jade is back as a revenant serving the Netherrealm.


Who needs D’va when you’ve got D’Vorah? Mortal Kombat X’s insect-like alien is back and freakier than ever. 


In a recent livestream, NetherRealm confirmed the return of Mortal Kombat 3’s on-again, off-again hero/villain, Kabal.


NetherRealm also recently confirmed that big muscle-bound jerk Kano. As far as pleasant surprises go, his appearance is neither pleasant nor a surprise. 


Scorpion has been the most recognizable character in the series since its inception. Of course Scorpion’s in it.


Raiden’s here, seemingly still corrupted by Jinsei following the events of Mortal Kombat X.


The other popular ninja is also here and it looks like he’s got a nice, nasty callback to his infamous spine-pulling fatality from Mortal Kombat II.


A new addition. We don’t know much about him, except he seems to like sand? Well, ok then.


Folks were not happy you couldn’t play as Baraka in the last installment but have no fear: everybody’s favorite…ugh…sword arm ghoul thing is back. Yeah!

Kotal Kahn

The ruler of Outworld is making deals with at least one faction involved with all the time manipulation and was recently confirmed in a trailer as part of the roster.

Liu Kang

Liu Kang sneakily makes a brief gameplay cameo in the gameplay trailer, getting beat down by Raiden.

Sonya Blade

Get ready to break some more necks. Sonya featured prominently in the gameplay trailer.

Johnny Cage

It just wouldn’t feel like Mortal Kombat if everyone’s favorite egotistical, crotch-punching Hollywood star wasn’t back.


Skarlet’s back for the first time since Mortal Kombat 9 and unveiled a gruesome fatality centered around her blood magic specialties. 

Shao Kahn

Yep. One of the cheapest, most infuriating bosses of all time is back. This time as a preorder bonus.

Unconfirmed Fighters

NetherRealm has not confirmed these characters as playable fighters. However, they can be seen during trailers in non-gameplay cinematics.  So we’re listing them here with appropriate caveats.


The now-revenant princess made a brief appearance in the latest trailer, but we don’t know for sure if she’ll be playable yet. Here’s hoping a non-revenant version of her shows up at some point. 

Kung Lao

Kung Lao is seen prominently in the gameplay reveal trailer but only in cinematics. It’s likely we’ll play as him but no confirmation from NetherRealm on that front.


Kronika shows up as a menacing figure in the game’s story and gameplay trailers. She’s probably the antagonist and, given the series’ history with regard to big baddies, will likely be a playable roster character.

Check back for more roster additions as NetherRealm reveals them. For more on Mortal Kombat 11, read this interview we conducted with series co-creator Ed Boon.

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