The Joker Is Likely MultiVersus’ Next Character

Following some recent datamines, it looks like the next character that's going to be added to MultiVersus is The Joker, who will seemingly be voiced by Mark Hamill.

Just yesterday, MultiVersus was updated to add the new Game of Thrones stage, alongside new skins and features for the FestiVersus Winter event. As well-received as those additions have been so far, many players are wondering who the next character that's going to be added to the game is, as it's been a longer time than usual since the last character, Marvin the Martian, was made playable.

Thanks to datamining, it looks like we have a pretty good idea of which character is going to be added next. As reported by reliable MultiVersus leaker LaisulMV, the latest update had some data in it that indicates that The Joker is next in line. Several bits of data related to Joker are now in the game's files, including a sound effect for his walk, and a new ringout effect based on the cards that he throws.

To add even more evidence to the Joker being next, LaisulMV also confirms that this update added his temporary character name to the game, "C028", which will be replaced with his actual name when he's added. Considering all of the recent additions to the game for his character, it seems very likely that Joker is next in line for MultiVersus, even if we're not sure when he'll be added. Considering Season 2 is planned to go until February, we'd bet that he'll arrive before the end of the month.

This isn't the first time that we've heard that the Joker was going to be added to MultiVersus. Before MultiVersus even launched, data within the game implied that he was going to be a guild boss of some kind, something that hasn't been added to the game just yet. More recently, voice lines for the Joker were found in the game's files, revealing that he'll be voiced by Mark Hamill.

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