The Last Hero Of Nostalgaia: How To Increase Heroic Icon Limit

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The Last Hero of Nostalgaia is a Soulslike that doesn't beat around the bush with its inspirations and gameplay, taking clear inspiration from the Dark Souls games while incorporating unique twists to make it stand on its own feet confidently.

As such, you can expect an engaging combat system and many ways to upgrade your character, whether by leveling your stats, enhancing your equipment, increasing your Heroic Icon limit and much more. While the road ahead can be daunting, there are always ways in Soulslikes you can help alleviate some of the early-game stress and frustration, allowing you to tackle the later portions of the game confidently.

Heroic Icon Overview

Just as you would find in any other Soulslike, The Last Hero of Nostalgaia has a primary healing item that can only be restored when resting at checkpoints, which are known as Tethers in the world of Nostalgaia. This healing item is known as your Heroic Icon, which serves as the game's Estus Flask, which initially comes with three charges but can be upgraded further as you progress through the game.

While having only three charges of your Heroic Icon isn't all that much, it will suffice for the early goings of your adventure. Furthermore, they heal a significant part of your health, with one charge being enough to refill your health entirely or close to it, depending on the situation and your overall health pool. You can find out how to upgrade your Heroic Icon in the section below!

How To Increase Your Heroic Icon

Upgrading your Heroic Icon requires you to make your way to and defeat Great Ones found throughout the world of Nostalgaia. There are four Great Ones in the game, all of which will drop a Withered Icon upon being defeated, allowing you to restore them for yourself. To do this, after slaying a Great One, take the Withered Icon to a Tether and select the "Return Icon" option in the menu. Doing this will add one new charge to your Heroic Icon.

Your first Withered Icon will drop from the game's second boss encounter, The Grinder, found in The Depth, located just past the Abandoned Market section. You will have to traverse a tunnel system to reach The Grinder, but it shouldn't be too bad since it's an early-game area. The boss encounter itself, however, can be a bit frustrating, so be prepared for something a few steps above the tutorial boss. Still, being the second boss you will face in the game, it's nothing too demanding or grueling.

Defeating The Grinder will grant you "The Grinder's Withered Icon," which is displayed as a yellow exclamation point. Take this Withered Icon to the next Tether, located just ahead of the boss arena, and rest at it, then follow the steps above to claim it as your own. From here, you will have to progress through the game and slay the remaining three Great Ones, which you will come across naturally as you progress through the game. Each Great One possesses their own Withered Icon, in which you can Return to a Tether to obtain an extra charge to your Heroic Icon.

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