The Last Of Us Fans Think HBO Just Confirmed A Heartbreaking Ellie Theory

HBO's The Last Of Us is four episodes old and so far the changes made to the story have been welcomed and celebrated. Spoilers ahead if you're not all caught up and if you haven't played the games as players think something Ellie said in episode four may well confirm a widely held fan theory.

In episode four, Joel is about to be killed by the last remaining member of a group that ambushes him and Ellie. Using the gun she stole from Bill and Frank's, Ellie shoots the attacker, saving Joel's life. Joel later asks Ellie if she's okay, at which point Ellie reveals it isn't the first time she's had to shoot someone.

It seems the show is building to a big moment showing the first time Ellie had to shoot someone, and those who played the games think that someone will be Riley. The show hasn't introduced Riley yet and she technically wasn't introduced to the game until after Part 1 had launched. A part of the Left Behind DLC, Ellie and Riley are in an abandoned shopping mall where they are both bitten by infected.

That's where Ellie got the bite on her arm and discovered she's immune to the effects of the cordyceps. Riley presumably isn't so lucky, and while her death is never shown, she is dead in the games. For years, many fans have assumed Ellie had to shoot Riley before she turned and became a zombie. The reveal that Ellie has shot someone before in the show not only has those same fans thinking that theory is about to be confirmed, but also that we will have to watch Ellie kill her best friend.

Riley has already been shown in trailers meaning the Left Behind story will be told at some point in the show. If the theory that Ellie had to kill Riley is confirmed and shown, the ongoing adaptation might well achieve what feels impossible at this point and create an even more heartbreaking moment than it did with Bill and Frank.

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