The Last Of Us Part 1 Office Looks Exactly Like Dunder Mifflin

Clickers, bloaters, and beets? It looks like the worlds of The Last of Us Part 1 and NBC’s The Office have collided in the weirdest mash-up nobody asked for. This comes in the form of an abandoned office in the Naughty Dog remake that eerily resembles the Dunder Mifflin office of the NBC show.

This crossover of sorts was spotted by TikTok user rxelei (thanks GameRant). They must be a big fan of the comedy series as they immediately picked up on the familiar layout as they slipped into the space to hide from some in-game enemies. In a short clip they uploaded to the social media site, they point out all the resemblances that make it a digital replica of the paper company including Michael Scott’s office, the iconic receptionist area, Dwight’s desk, and the black couch in the lounge area.

Clearly, someone at Naughty Dog enjoyed the hijinks of Michael, Dwight, Pam, Jim, and everyone at Dunder Mifflin. At least enough to meticulously recreate the layout of the mockumentary series. What’s funny is that The Office ended in May, 2013 and the Outbreak Day of the Last of Us did not occur until September, 2013. So, perhaps both titles share the same universe and somewhere out there Michael Scott is getting on the last nerve of some unsuspecting Fireflies. Or maybe Dwight is sharing his extensive knowledge of beets, bears, and Battlestar Galactica.

This Dunder Mifflin recreation is not the only Easter Egg players have spotted in playing the Naughty Dog remake. For instance, a note in the prologue of the game adds more depth to the relationship between Joel and Tommy. Plus, we finally found out Joel’s age, can weigh him, and pay respects at a wonderful tribute to a late developer.

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