The Last Of Us Part 2 Video Reveals Detail About Alternate Abby Introduction

Someone has discovered a new hidden secret in The Last of Us Part 2 which shines some more light on the game’s alternative story involving Abby.

The YouTube video, which was created by Caitlin, is just one of many videos on their channel which uncovers never before seen details in the game.

The video starts out in Jackson, Wyoming at the beginning of the game where Ellie first becomes playable. During this section, the player is able to walk up and down the streets of the renovated town while inspecting the environment.

As the YouTuber begins to walk up to a clothing store you can see a small group of NPC’s standing outside while one of them is holding a clipboard. The captions on the video indicate that the NPC’s are talking about the snowplough schedule in Jackson.

Using the in-game photo mode, the YouTube angles the camera so it’s facing the clipboard and zooms in on the page the NPC is looking at. Midway down the assignments list, you can see two name – Abby Anderson and Manny Alvarez.

Now I know what you’re thinking. What? How can Abby and Manny’s name be on the list? Well according to a past interview Naughty Dog interview, it was revealed that Abby’s initial introduction in the game was supposed to happen in an entirely different way.

In the interview with IGN, director Neil Druckmann explained that Abby was originally supposed to join the community in Jackson undercover and later confront Joel, but the idea was changed.

Several comments on the video are wondering whether or not the developers accidentally forgot to take the asset out of the scene, or if they left it in on purpose as a sort of easter egg.

However, other commenters have pointed out that the same clipboard is featured later on in the game at the FOB location, so perhaps this is just another reused asset? Who knows?

The Last of Us Part 2 has recently celebrated its first anniversary, and to commemorate the occasion, Naughty Dog and PlayStation has released some brand new Last of Us-themed merchandise.

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