The Last Of Us Part 2’s PS5 Update Also Improved The Haptic Feedback

Not only does The Last Of Us 2 now look better when played on PS5, but it will also feel different through changes made to the DualSense.

Naughty Dog has been making some pretty controversial decisions as of late in regard to the future of The Last Of Us. The decision to remake the first game for PS5 received a mixed reception. Not only is the game only eight years old, but it has already been remastered once.

The studio redeemed itself somewhat last week when it surprised Last Of Us fans by releasing a free PS5 upgrade for The Last Of Us Part 2. The patch now means the game can run at 60 fps on the new-gen console and looks even more visually stunning than it did on PS4. Plus, if you have played the updated version and it somehow feels different as well as looking better don’t worry, you aren’t imagining things.

Last Of Us 2’s co-director Kurt Margenau revealed that a firmware update to the PS5’s DualSense will have altered the way the game feels. In fact, it was his feedback to the team behind the DualSense that helped this update come to fruition. “I got to give feedback to the Sony DualSense team to help improve certain timing, intensity, and ‘texture’ of haptics when in backwards compatibility (BC) mode,” Margenau revealed on Twitter.

“The controller firmware in the DualSense has to receive the ‘old’ signals that are meant to spin up a motor,” Margenau explains. The resulting feeling in the DualSense uses a completely different mechanical method. The most impressive part of all this is it didn’t require any updates to the game itself. All of the differences you feel are thanks to the DualSense’s firmware update.

All very cool, and further additions to what is already a great game. The Last Of Us 2 isn’t the winner of the most Game of the Years awards ever for nothing. As for the future, beyond the controversial remaster of the first game, that remains up in the air. There was reportedly DLC for Part 2 in the works, but that has been shelved. It has also been revealed that the plot for Part 3 has been written, but work on the game is yet to begin.

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