The Legend Of Heroes: Trails From Zero – Chapter One Sidequests Guide

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  • Overdue Book Retrieval
  • Assistance With New Service
  • Hunting For Ingredients
  • Search For The Kitten's Owner
  • Inspection Assistance Wanted
  • Abandoned Apartment Monster Cleanup
  • We Long For Mishy
  • Mainz Mountain Path Monster Extermination

Congratulations — you've made it through Trails from Zero's surprisingly meaty prologue and reached the first full-fledged chapter. As one would expect, the game really starts to open up more at this point, and players are given greater agency all-around. There's also more content here than the prologue had on tap, and that includes an increase in both support requests and hidden fare.

To maximize your level, cash, equipment, and Detective Points — not to mention your overall enjoyment of this game — be sure to tackle every available Chapter One sidequest. For a less stressful time, follow our directions for each one of them.

Overdue Book Retrieval

To start your sidequest saga, head to the Library in the Administrative District. At the counter, you'll speak with Miles, a fellow Lloyd remembers from his earlier days here in Crossbell. Miles needs help with the retrieval of three overdue books. Specifically, he'd like the Special Support Section to visit each borrower and request the book be returned.

On East Street, Clarissa lives in the Acacia Apartments. Specifically, one of the rooms at ground-floor level. (In the early hours of Trails from Zero, we had an odd time recognizing the apartment complex; in case this happens to you as well, note that it's to the left of the more conspicuous Bracer's Headquarters.)

On West Street, Fay lives in the Belheim Apartments. (Like how we managed to make both these passages begin so similarly? Was it out of good humor or awkward laziness?) Unfortunately for the SSS, Fay isn't home right now, but her daughter Pansy is. You'll find Pansy in one of the rooms on the bottom level (note that you'll enter from the top). Pansy helps return the book. Thanks, Pansy.

The remaining book is also in the Administrative District where the library's located. Swing by CPD, and have a chat with Raymond, the bumbling (and painfully flirtatious) junior detective. He'll fork it over. Return to Miles to complete the quest.

Assistance With New Service

This support request pays off better than nearly any other in the game. And we mean that quite literally. This is how you'll unlock the IBC's superior Sepith-to-Mira exchange rates, netting you tens of thousands of Mira with relative ease!

The goal here is simple, but since you're still fairly early into Trails from Zero, you may find that enemies drop Sepith at too slow a rate for you to be able to fulfill Lanfei's request at the IBC reception desk in one visit.

You'll need to hand Lanfei 30 of each type of Sepith. You can do so all at once, or you can do so through multiple interactions, but there's no way to tell how much of each type you've delivered if you exit out of the screen and re-enter, so our advice is to hold on until you have at least 30 before giving her anything.

It's common advice not to exchange too much Sepith over the course of the game, as you'll need increasingly lofty amounts to upgrade Quartz slots further on. While this is certainly the case, we actually feel like there's plenty enough Sepith to go around, and there's no harm in making some serious bank (at the bank) once or twice per chapter.

Hunting For Ingredients

There's a way to earn extra Detective Points in 'Hunting for Ingredients', but it means chatting with someone else at the bakery and agreeing to their own demand. We'll cover that, too.

Your first order of business, though, is to go to Morges Bakery on West Street and chat with Oscar. He needs four Fish Fillets and three Monster Eggs. However, another character, Bennet, who hangs out over by the inventory shelves, wants two Monster Eggs as well. So, that's four Fish Fillets and five Monster Eggs, in all.

Don't worry about not having the stuff in your inventory just yet. You can't acquire Fish Fillets until you have access to Ursula Road. Roughly midway from Crossbell to St. Ursula Hospital, there's a set of stairs you can descend to visit a beach with enemies that drop Fish Fillets hanging around. As for the Monster Eggs, enemies on East Crossbell HIghway drop them in spades.

Make absolutely sure you speak with Bennet first, or else the sidequest will conclude prematurely just by speaking with Oscar and delivering what he needs.

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Search For The Kitten's Owner

'Search for the Kittens Owner' is a hidden sidequest. Rather than getting it automatically by interacting with the computer terminal at SSS headquarters, you'll need to happen upon it while exploring Crossbell.

As for the timing of the quest, it's a little tricky, but it likely won't trigger for you until at least after your initial visit to Armorica Village.

Remember the two boys from the Geofront mission at the start of the prologue? Well, they're back, and now they have a cat. Only, it's not their cat, and they'd like Lloyd, Elie, Tio, and Randy to take on a daring and dangerous ordeal: to bring the cat to its owner. You can find the boys in a row at the Belheim Apartments.

You need to chat up various children throughout the city to clear the quest. The first is Pansy, who lives next door. Next up is Momo outside General Store Tallys'. Then, visit Pete, the kid who assists Grimwood at Grimwood Law Office.

Onward to the Residential District now. Visit the Hayworths in their sizable abode. Upstairs is Colin, who knows the kitty's not far away. Exit and then enter the house with the woman always standing outside, in the garden. Odd how tense the kid here is, no? Be sure to speak with not just the kid, but the father as well.

The house further down, at the tail end, is a no-go. (It is, however, an early source of intrigue surrounding Elie's character.) Head back to West Street now, and you'll see the oddly-tense kid from before, quite conspicuously searching for the cat who she denied owning previously. That wraps the quest.

Inspection Assistance Wanted

Welcome to Crossbell's train station! Up until now, every time you've attempted to enter this place, Lloyd's pointed out that it's irrelevant to do so. Well, at last, he can simmer down.

The petitioner, Quattro, can be found on the second floor of the station. After introducing themselves (to a cold welcome), the SSS is told to go downstairs and to the second gate. Do so, watch the scenes, and eventually you'll be in control of Lloyd as he makes a sweep of his assigned train car.

This isn't too difficult, though maximizing your DP potential requires taking an extra step. First, simply speak with everyone. Once that's out of the way, go back to the family with the kid and speak with them again. You could exit the car now, but don't skip out on those Detective Points. All you need to do is talk to the purple-haired 'traveler' again.

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Abandoned Apartment Monster Cleanup

If you haven't already met Imelda in her Antiques Shop in the Back Alley, prepare for a real trip. This old lady's one of the most amusing characters in the game.

After she's thoroughly disturbed the Special Support Section, Imelda hands over the key to her Maison Imelda in the Downtown District. This is the place that's located up the staircase on the northern end of the area; up until now, you've been unable to enter.

This is a monster hunt in all but name. Enter every room in the complex, killing each creature until there aren't any left to slaughter. A cutscene will commence. Hello, Wald. For this next part, you'll only have Lloyd and Randy in your active party. Return to the interior; there should be one or two respawned enemies to deal with along the way.

A new zone can be explored now that Wald's gone and made a mess of the place, knocking things over in the process. Here, there's a Monster Chest with Fiber Coat as the prize. This is a pretty good suit for this point in the game, so don't miss out.

The boss fight against Superior Mosquito and its quartet of minions (which can be replaced multiple times throughout the fight) can be a bit tough if you're unprepared. Enter the battle with full Craft Points if possible, and use Quake if you have it to wipe out the "junk adds" (extra mosquitoes) every time they clump up.

Wald, being Wald, is going to blitz the Superior Mosquito time and again. Keep his health topped as needed. When all is said and done, return to Imelda to complete the quest.

We Long For Mishy

'We Long for Mishy' is the next hidden sidequest of the game. We strongly suggest taking care of it prior to the monster extermination request, since you'll already be en route to further main story events while venturing across the Mainz Mountain Path and can save time with this order.

Go to East Street, and then enter Long Lao Tavern. Did you know there are rooms for rent here? There are! In one of the rooms is a man named Lars who needs a Mishy Plush for his son. To acquire one for him, take Randy's advice and swing by the casino at the Entertainment District.

Chat with Cherry at the exchange desk to find out the Mishy Plush costs 200 tokens. Honestly, you could play a few rounds of poker or something for the tickets, but at a price like that, it's not a terrible idea to pay the necessary amount of Mira. It'll set you back 1,000 Mira, but if you're dropping some spare Sepith off at the IBC now and then, that shouldn't be much.

Mainz Mountain Path Monster Extermination

There's usually not much to monster extermination requests, and you're going to be seeing several more of these as you progress through subsequent chapters of Trails from Zero. As the name implies, all you need to do is find the monster and kill it. Mark hunts, in other words.

From the bus stop, head east to the following area. At the intersection, go left to find your prey. The Fell Eagles have a high physical attack stat, so inflict status effects to whittle away at them whilst using multi-target skills whenever possible.

This quest auto-completes upon battle's end, though you'll still need to return to the terminal at the SSS HQ like usual.

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