The Mandalorian Wireless Xbox Controller Is Now Available For Pre-Order

If you were looking to celebrate the release of The Mandalorian season 2 – while you wait patiently for a possible stand-alone game – Microsoft has an expensive token to celebrate your 2020 survival. The Mandalorian Wireless Xbox Controller is now available for pre-order, and it’s certainly strong with the force.

Set with a December 31 release date – which could be a placeholder – via the Microsoft store, the metallic grey controller proves “this is the way” for Xbox players to go. Retailing at $169.99, the controller comes with an Xbox Pro charging stand, which looks sturdy enough to grace the deck of the Razor Crest. It was highlighted on social media that while Mando’s controller is not next-gen, it will still work on the Xbox Series X. The controller and stand come as a complete package, as some interested parties were wanting to purchase the controller separately.

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Printed with the bounty hunter’s grey armor design, the controller has a rustic quality to it with enough dirt stains to make you believe it had survived the Battle of Yavin. Complete with the Mandalorian “Krybes” symbol, the charging stand also sports runic lettering surrounding the titular character’s helmet in the center. The controller’s mechanics come with custom button mapping, magnetic charging with its loyal dock, and twice the wireless range of its non-space-opera predecessors.

Xbox players were quick to point out that Mando’s controller had a higher bounty on its head than other Xbox controllers, commenting that it was a steep price for something that would probably act as a decorative artifact. For a regular controller that costs around the same as an elite controller, it’s understandable why fans were a little put out by its sky-high price tag. One disgruntled customer stated that it better be made of Beskar (Mandalorian steel) to warrant its cost, however, merchandise for popular franchises have always been released with a high paywall.

With the second season of the hit Disney + show dropping in a few days, fans were already overjoyed six months ago when they heard that a third season of The Mandalorian was already in development. The popular Star Wars spin-off – following the titular character and the lovable Baby Yoda (aka The Child) – was brought to life by using Epic Games’ flagship product Unreal Engine, which has made Mando and his crew larger than life.Source: Microsoft

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