The Medium’s dual reality system uses a clever split screen effect

In a new video, Bloober Team finally shows off The Medium’s dual reality system and explains what players can expect from it.

Despite being announced back in May, and due out in only a couple of months, some people are still struggling to understand how The Medium’s dual reality system – the one thing studio Bloober Team has been pushing the most – actually works.

Obviously aware of the confusion, the developer has decided to upload a brief video of gameplay to demonstrate it and provide prospective players with a better understanding, as well as maybe encourage and win over the disinterested.

Michal Napora of the studio’s community team hosts the video, and we see what Bloober Team meant when it said that two distinct worlds would be rendered at the same time.

The way it works is that the real world and spiritual world are displayed side-by-side in split-screen, but players control and move main character Marianne around in both at the same time.

This won’t happen all the time and sometimes one world will take up more of the screen than the other. For example, while solving a clock-related puzzle in the real world, the spirit world side of the screen will expand to better show the effects the puzzle is having on the spirit world.

This also demonstrates how, in order to make further progress in one world, you will need to clear objectives in the other.

This kind of gameplay isn’t technically new. 1991’s The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past popularised the concept of light/dark worlds, but this is the most technically advanced spin on the concept that’s ever been seen.

It’s also obviously something that is much easier to achieve thanks to the power of next gen hardware, which is why the game is one of the first Xbox Series X/S exclusives.

The Medium will release on December 10 for Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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