The New Digimon Tactics Game Won’t Be Delayed

There were fears that the upcoming Digimon strategy game, Digimon Survive, was facing yet another delay following an announcement from Famitsu. But developers Bandai Namco have confirmed that the game is still on track for 2020.

The concern came about when the latest Weekly Famitsu issue claimed Digimon Survive‘s launch window is TBA, with previous issues having announced it for this year. Fans naturally feared that the release would be pushed back again, having experienced the same in 2019. It turns out the TBA was simply an error.

Bandai Namco has since made a statement to Gematsu in which it confirms this was just “a typo on Famitsu’s part,” with the game still poised to drop this year. Typos have been known to get folks all worked up in the past, so this is just one of the latest.

Digimon Survive is different type of title from the Digimon titles that precede it and is a turn-based tactical game set in another dimension. The trailer, which can be viewed here, promotes danger, difficult decisions, and death. Of course, you probably get that from the word ‘survival” being part of the title.

The game seems to promise a whole lot of excitement but we’ll know for sure later this year. Digimon Survive will release for PC, PS4 Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. An Amazon listing has it down for December 31.

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