The Original XIII From 2003 Sold Better Than The XIII Remake Last Week

They say that someone reinstalls the original Deus Ex every time it’s mentioned online, and the same seems to be true for horrible remakes, as the original version of XIII from 2003 has outsold its dismal remake in the UK.

XIII was a first-person shooter from 2003 that was notable for its use of cel-shaded visuals, which was something rarely seen at the time. XIII looked like a living comic book, with panels and sound effects popping up when the player shot head enemies in the head. The poor sales at launch meant that a planned sequel for XIII was scrapped, but interest in the game grew over time and it developed a cult following. In 2019, a remake of XIII developed by PlayMagic Ltd. was announced and it was intended to be released in November of the same year. The XIII remake was eventually pushed back to 2020.

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The initial response to the XIII remake was scathing, partly due to the comic book aesthetic being dropped in favor of something that looks like Fortnite. The critical response has been no more forgiving to XIII, especially on Steam, where it has Overwhelmingly Negative reviews. The upside to this situation is that the XIII remake has caused a resurgence of interest in the original version of the game.

According to, the XIII remake entered the UK Digital Charts at number 18. It was beaten by the original version of XIII, which entered the charts at 16. It seems that the negative response to the XIII remake has reminded people of how awesome the original game is and prompted lots of purchases.

The poor response to the XIII remake means that we’re unlikely to see a sequel anytime soon, but the love for the original game is still strong, so the fans of the series shouldn’t give up hope just yet. 2020 was a crazy year for video game production and the developers have admitted that COVID led to issues with the XIII remake, so they deserve a second shot under more positive circumstances.

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The XIII remake is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The game is coming to the Switch in 2021.


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