The Outer Worlds Max Level – What’s The Level Cap For The Main Game And DLC?

One question every RPG player has when picking up a new title is just how strong they can get, especially in a game like The Outer Worlds where levels are tied directly to skills. Each level gives you points to put into a variety of attributes, as well as unlock perks. But, can you level up to the point where you max everything out, or will you be force to pick and choose what to focus on and what to ignore? Here’s everything you need to know about level caps in the main game and DLC

Outer Worlds Level Cap

When The Outer Worlds originally launched, it came with a hard level cap of 30. Either through combat, exploration, using skills like dialogue or hacking, and missions, you can earn XP that will grant you levels. Levels give you points you will need allocate between all your skills, including combat proficiencies with various weapons. Because there’s a cap, you won’t be able to end up a super soldier who can smooth talk his way out of a hostage negotiation while picking the lock on a bank vault.

There are infinite sources of XP in the game, since enemies will respawn in places, so once you reach level 30 in the main game, you’ll simply stop gaining levels.

Outer Worlds Max Level DLC

With the release of the Peril On Gorgon DLC, the level cap from the base game was increased. While it may seem insignificant, the three additional levels added do allow for much stronger characters to be built.

If you’re struggling to hit these level caps, by far the best option is to focus on doing a few main story quests. These dole out far and away the most XP for completing them, plus you’re likely to earn a good amount in the process, either through combat or utilizing your skills in dialogue, hacking, or lockpicking.

Because you can’t do it all within the level cap, there is a respec option for you called the Vocational Competence Respecification Machine on your ship. It will cost you some Bits, but is a lot more convenient than starting an entirely new character if you feel like trying out a new playstyle.

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