The Pokemon Company Job Listing Suggests Next-Gen Console Entry In Development

Remember, before the launch of the Nintendo Switch OLED and the Steam Deck, there were reports of a next-generation 'Switch Pro' being in the works? Nintendo constantly dodged questions about it, but the evidence kept piling up, eventually leading to the launch of the Switch OLED feeling a bit anticlimactic. However, we may have gotten our first clue since then of a planned next-generation Nintendo console.

Nintendo affiliate studio, Creature Inc. recently put out a job listing for a 3D character modeler. That in itself doesn't really tell us much – Creature is a smaller affiliate studio, and functions primarily in a support role to bigger studios. In the past, it has worked on titles like Pokemon Sword and Shield, Pokemon Go, and Detective Pikachu. It has also worked on smaller independent series like Pokemon Ranger and Pokemon Colosseum.

The listing was posted to, a job searching platform in Japan, where the listing was spotted and posted to Reddit. While most of the job description looks par for the course, it's the last pointer in the 'Work flow' section that piques interest. "Research and development for other next-generation hardware," it reads. It doesn't add anything else, or specify what this next-generation hardware could be, but considering it's a Pokemon title, it wouldn't be too far-fetched to think that Nintendo is working on a new console. Additionally, it also mentions "Game engine: Unity, Unreal Engine" under the 'Tools used' section.

It must be noted that the text was translated using Google Translate and there could possibly be some information lost in the process. Another point to keep in mind is that while we're used to throwing around the term 'next-generation' for video game consoles, there's a high possibility that the job description could also be talking about upcoming smartphones.

While this in no way means that Nintendo is teasing a new console, Pokemon is definitely teasing a new Bug 'mon. The Pokemon was spotted last month in the overview trailer for Scarlet & Violet, and has now been spotted in Pokemon Go. Gold Poke Stops have started appearing in-game and drop gold coins that resemble the one on the Pokemon's back.

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