The Pokemon Company To Hold UK Art Exhibition In October

The Pokemon Company will be returning to the UK next month for a pretty unique event. An art exhibition that will showcase Pokemon Art Through The Ages. What exactly that means remains a mystery since, other than the dates, name, and location, nothing about the exhibition has been revealed.

The Pokemon art exhibit will open in Manchester's Trafford Center on October 17 and fans will be able visit any time from then through November 13 (via Serebii). All of the information revealed so far has come with an image of Pikachu which Pokemon fans will be studying closely for any hints at what exactly they can expect to see when it opens.

The image promises more will be revealed on October 3. While the obvious prediction is that the art on show will give attendees a look at early sketches for Pokemon before they were officially added to the games, shows, and trading cards, what looks like a cave painting to Pikachu's right hints this could be a fictional exhibit. Paintings made to look as if they were created by trainers who lived alongside Pokemon throughout history.

That might actually be a more likely scenario than Pokemon simply showcasing some early drawings and rare trading cards, especially considering the dates on which the exhibition will be open to the public. Art Through The Ages will close its doors just a few days before the arrival of Scarlet & Violet. Games that appear to be rooted in time travel which will apparently introduce paradox Pokemon. Pokemon that will have past or future versions, and the game you buy will determine which version you can find and catch.

The Pokemon Company continues to do more unique stuff outside of games and trading cards alone. Last week it was revealed that Ed Sheeran has teamed up with Pokemon again for a song themed around the series. You'll also be able to use Scyther and Scizor in Pokemon Unite this week. They'll be added to the MOBA on Wednesday.

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