The Production Company Behind Ninja Warrior Is Making A Temple Run TV Show

Temple Run developer Imangi Studios has confirmed its working with producers behind American Ninja Warrior to create a Temple Run reality TV show.

According to CBR, the show will feature a number of contestants trying to survive across a grueling Temple Run-themed obstacle course. While not much is known about the TV show or what it’s going to look like, the CEO of Imangi Studios, Walter Devins, recently came out and explained the decision behind bringing Temple Run to screens much bigger than a simple mobile phone:

“Our team is always looking for ways to elevate our IP into exciting new formats,” explains Devins. “We’ve built a passionate global community around Temple Run, and this partnership will give our fans an experience unlike ever before. A. Smith & Co. creates epic shows that inspire people to push their limits to reach greatness, and we can’t wait to see them do the same with Temple Run.”

The production company that Imangi Studios is working with is A. Smith and Co. Productions, the studio behind hit reality shows like American Ninja Warrior and Hell’s Kitchen. With a couple of already massively successful shows in the company’s portfolio, this upcoming Temple Run show will likely have a considerable amount of backing in an attempt to deliver something truly unique to American homes.

What with Temple Run having a very simple premise, it’s difficult to imagine the show being anything other than an obstacle course competition similar to that of Ninja Warrior and Total Wipeout. It will be interesting to see how the show will differentiate itself from these similar shows, and if it will lean into the gaming side of the IP or simply use the name.

Temple Run might have fallen back into obscurity, but at one point the game was one of the biggest mobile titles you could get at one point. The game has managed a whopping 2 billion worldwide downloads and has even led to a sequel.  The game’s influence is still felt even today, inspiring mobile titles such as the recently released Crash Bandicoot: On The Run.

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