The Revolution X Pro Controller allows Xbox owners to improve their gameplay

Professional gamers and wannabes alike will love the new Revolution X controller for the Xbox.

It gives the player so many options to enhance their gaming, and therefore improve their chances in competitive multiplayer compared with the bog standard Series X and S controllers.

The Nacon-designed joypad is a wired-only controller, which for many will be a bit of an issue, but that cuts the latency down to a bare minimum and ensures online firefights are as responsive as they can be.

The design isn’t particularly different, it looks and feels just like any other Xbox controller.

But there are four easily programmable buttons well-placed for where your fingers fall on the back of the unit and that allows you to select/reload/switch guns or gears much quicker, without the need to twist your hands in great movements.

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And those split-seconds of time saved will make a difference, whether you’re trying to outdo a rival on a twitchy shooter like Call of Duty or desperately seeking a better turn-line in driving games like the impressive Forza Horizon 5 on the slick new console.

For a first-effort next generation eSports controller Nacon has done a great job.

It’s light in the hands by default, which many gamers prefer, but the snazzy case the machine comes in also boasts a series of different sized mini weights that you can insert in the unit to give it some extra heft if you want.

The feel is quite plasticky, not quite up there with Xbox’s own amazing Elite controllers, but it is very comfortable to hold and there’s no slip during long gaming sessions when the palms can get sweaty thanks to textured grips on the handles.

You can download an app to mess around with button combinations ad infinitum until you’ve nailed that perfect balance and save different layouts for different games.

User-friendly, players can access customisation options to create their advanced game profiles, including full button mapping, shortcut assignment, response curve and dead zone for both sticks, trigger sensitivity, inversion of the stick’s axis, 4 or 8-way D-pads, settings of the 4 vibration motors or even light effects of the right stick.

Up to 4 profiles can be stored in the Revolution X Pro Controller’s internal memory.

But old school players can also do some quick on-the-fly reprogramming of the button layouts using an analog button mapping button on the back of the controller too.

Its robust structure sports all the functionalities of an Xbox controller, such as the new Share button, haptic feedback triggers and a headphone jack optimized for vocal chat.

Both thumbsticks allow you to adjust amplitude on the fly, thanks to a range of interchangeable shafts. Several concave and convex thumbsticks are also included to fit all types of gameplays.

Sound fans also get a boost as a plugged in headset boasts Dolby Atmos spatial audio, meaning you’ll hear the effects and music in a game in a lossless way, just how the makers want you to. You can also mess with the EQs in the app.

The Revolution X Pro Controller, all its accessories and its 3m-long detachable and rugged USB-C cable can be easily stored and carried thanks to the included case.

For this price point, the Revolution X is a cracking pro controller offering gamers a real chance to alter their joypad to the best position and playing style possible.

Not everything is brilliant, the light around the right stick is far too garish and needs to be more subtle, it lessens the look. And the design feels quite plasticky, not as sublime as the Xbox Elites.

Wireless gamers will also want to avoid it as the cable can be restricting despite its considerable length.

But this is a good job by Nacon and we’re excited to see where the accessories firm builds from here.


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