The Sims 4: Guide To Using Platforms

With the release of The Sims 4: Snowy Escape came a huge free update that added some big features to the game.  Along with the usual range of bug fixes, the patch also gave us sentiments and platforms. Both of these are huge game changes for gameplay enthusiasts and builders respectively.

Here we take a look at the new platforms feature and offer some hints and tips regarding a few things you can do to make your builds more interesting.

The Basics

Platforms are included in the walls and empty rooms section of build mode and appear between regular rooms and flat shapes. There are eight different shapes to choose from and they all function in the same way.

Once you’ve selected your platform you can simply add it into a room or place it straight outside. The only difference is that if you place it inside next to a wall then that wall will vanish. You can easily rebuild it but it’s worth adding platforms first so you don’t have to redecorate your walls.

Once the platform is in you can adjust the length and width in the same way as you would any other room, while the height is adjusted by the small arrow on the left.

These two arrows will raise and lower the platform. It can down up to one step from the ceiling or down to the same depth. The large arrow in the middle of the platform adjusts the foundation level so make sure you don’t get the two confused.

These platform adjustment buttons are always visible and if you click them without a platform selected they will lower or raise the entire room, without affecting the foundation.

Decorating Platforms

Once your platforms are placed you can add flooring to the top of them as well as using the new platform trim tile, which is found by clicking the bottom icon under half wall trims on walls and empty rooms section.

The platform trims work like foundations and offer some of the same options. You can find plain swatches as well as wooden, brick, stones, and more unique variants including tiles and panels.

The swatches decorate any exposed edges of the platform and can be flat or have edging. If the platform is sunk into the ground the edging appears inside the sunken room.

Making Stairs

A common use of platforms is to create custom staircases. If you raise each platform with just one click of the button, sims can climb them like stairs. If they are any higher you’ll need to add in staircases between each level.

In the image above the lowest two platforms function as steps, while the others require a small staircase. You’ll also spot that the long platform across the top is connected by a step. This is because the long platform is actually the second floor.

Platforms can go up to one step from the ceiling and can be connected to the next floor but you need to use a single step to do this, otherwise, your sims won’t climb up, even if there is headroom to do so.

It’s also worth noting that you need to decorate all the lower platforms before you connect up the final step since this step appears to prevent you from placing flooring on the top platform.


When you place platforms any walls that you place against them will start at floor level. This includes half walls and walls that are otherwise in the middle of a room. To use a wall as a barrier you’ll need to use one that sticks up above the platform to the desired height. Since there are now 19 different sizes of half wall this is easily achievable.

Another option is to use fences since these go from floor height upward. This way you can create some unique styles and even use platforms to create mezzanine floors.

A hidden benefit of doing this is that you can create child only spaces. Sims will only route into a space that has enough headroom. Due to the size difference between a child and adult Sim, this means that you can use a platform to create a space adults can’t get into, although they can converse with a child on a platform, as long as they can get close enough.

While you can’t use the space under the platform, this is a great way to add unique areas to your lot. Create use of foliage could make a child only fort or treehouse in the garden for instance.

Other Uses Of Platforms

Another use of platforms is to create small raised or sunken areas within rooms. This could be a sunken seating area, a raised stage, or even a decorative shelf type area. Many of the homes in Mt. Komorebi use platforms so for Simmers with Snowy Escape it’s worth checking them out for ideas. A couple of the lots even use platforms as roofs!

As always the Simming community will find new and interesting ways to use any new build feature so don’t forget to search the gallery for more ideas and some truly unique ways to utilize platforms.

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