The Sims 4 Paranormal Stuff: Everything You Need To Know About Guidry

The Sims 4: Paranormal Stuff is crammed full of new supernatural content and it can feel a little overwhelming. There’s a new lot type, career and skill to master and some new visitors to deal with who are even less welcome than the welcome wagon.

Luckily Guidry, or Claude René Duplantier Guidry to give him his full title, is here to help. There’s a lot more to Guidry than meets the eye but he can be tricky to find if your home isn’t haunted. Here’s everything you need to know about your new spirit guide.

Meeting Guidry

If you live on a Haunted House Residential lot then meeting Guidry is a simple case of surviving the first night. Once you’ve made it through, he will automatically show up the next night with the greeting seen above. This is because Guidry’s first appearance is tied to the traits of these new haunted lots. After he has appeared you can introduce yourself to him and he will then continue to visit and help out with the spiritual harmony of your house.

However, if you don’t live on a haunted lot you’ll need to go and find him. This is because while you can summon Guidry to a regular lot using a séance table or séance circle, you can’t do this until after you’ve met him. Due to the mechanics of his first visit, it means that you’ll need a Haunted House Residential type lot somewhere in your game.

The Haunted House Residential Lot Trait

When you install the pack you’ll get a message asking if you want to place the Duplantiér Mansion into your game. This is the lot built by Doctor Ashley and can also be found in your library with other Maxis creations.

While the game will ask if you want to keep the Haunted House Residential trait it doesn’t always transfer over from the gallery. Due to this glitch it’s worth going into the lot in build mode and making sure it’s selected, otherwise you’ll have a wasted journey.

The house will also need to be occupied so you can visit at night. Then you’ll need to visit the occupants and simply hang around until the specters come out and Guidry appears. Once you’ve introduced yourself to him then you’ll notice he is summonable in the same way as Bonehilda.

Guidry’s Social Menu

When you speak to Guidry he has his own social menu that’s split into two parts. The first is general questions you may want to ask about the game and these can be asked at any time.

Guidry will tell you about how to deal with specters and creepy objects as well as how to cleanse a haunted lot. Simply click on the questions to find out a little more about him as well as how to deal with paranormal events.

On a haunted house lot Guidry will show up each night at random times, unless you choose to disable his visits. If you live on a regular lot you can summon him using a séance table or circle.

The hand statue you can see on the table in the image above is the object needed to stop Guidry’s visits and is under clutter in the build and buy catalog. Simply click on it and you’ll see an option to disable them. Once chosen, it will give you the dialogue shown further up this guide and you’ll have a chance to change your mind.

If you want him to return simply click the hand again and you can renable the nightly company. The other option on the statue enables Heroic Mode for your haunted lot, meaning more ghostly goings on. In a regular lot the statue is simply inactive and purely decorative.

Guidry’s Practical Help

There are moments when you’ll find your Sim in a mess, especially if they are living in a haunted house. This is because the terrified moodlet, which frequently occurs when things go bump in the night, can prevent your Sim from performing regular actions. When their needs are low Guidry can come to the rescue with some supernatural solutions that are usually greyed out. He can also help with a specific terrifying NPC. Here’s now.

  • Your Sim Is Hungry

Using the second level menu select “I can’t get a chance to eat!” and Guidry will add an Ectocake to your inventory that you can consume for a quick boost.

  • Your Sim Is Tired

If you tell Guidry that you “can’t get a good night’s sleep” then he’ll restore some energy to your Sim.

  • You Sold Your Soul To A Specter

If you confess this Guidry will be confused but will give you a soul scrap, that can be used to reverse the days of life you lost when you gave a ghost a piece of yourself.

  • Your Sim Is Terrified

When this moodlet hits is can be incredibly limiting but Guidry has a solution. He will give you some Wraith Wax to craft some Sacred Candles, while getting in a sneaky dig about “Evergreen Harbor hipsters.” Standing by the candles will reduce the time of your moodlet.

  • Temperance Has Appeared

Temperace will only appear on Haunted House lots but she’s a force to be reakoned with. To help you stay safe Guidry will give you a Bizarre idol. Keep this around since it will burn when Temperance is in the same room and force her to cower.

  • Your Sim Is Flirty

You can propose a drink with Guidry but when you use this option you’ll recieve a Specter Sip, a drink that grants your Sim a random skill point.

Guidry will also help out by mopping up symbols and slime and has occasionally dabbled in fixing things. He makes a great team alongside Bonehilda, who will also help you out with Temperance.

Getting Closer To Guidry

Of course no guide would be complete without answering the question “Can you WooHoo with Guidry?” The answer is yes. You’ll even get an achievement for it if you’ve not been intimate with a ghost before, although ghost babies still aren’t a thing in The Sims 4.

Your Sim can build up a relationship with Guidry in the same way they would with another Sim but, like Bonehilda, he remains independent and cannot be added to your household. Instead he’ll come and go as he pleases. However, if you want a night out then you can use a séance circle to summon him to any lot of your choice and he’ll hang out for a while.

The Paranormal Investigator Career

Guidry’s final job is as distributor of Paranormal Investigator Licenses to those who have achieved level five in the Medium skill. Once you hit this milestone simply ask him and he will deliver.

While in the career you can also summon him to any lot using a séance circle and this will enable you to gain an extra pair of hands for the practical tasks, such as mopping up slime, as well as being able to access the help he offers with low needs.

Overall, Guidry is an incredibly useful ghost to have around and his skills compliment Bonehilda’s nicely.

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