The Sims 4: Things Everyone Completely Missed in Snowy Escape

Snowy Escape, the latest expansion for The Sims 4, is packed full of new interactions, ways to influence Sim’s behavior, and tiny details you may have completely missed. We’re here to walk you through the less obvious aspects of the expansion.

Find out how to make your Sims reactions more realistic, affect behavior using signs, edit some hidden lots, and more. We even tell you where to find some new activities and how to adjust to the weather.

Beware Of The Weather

In Snowy Escape the weather matters, and more than you may think. The world of Mt. Komorebi has its own changeable climate for all players, even those who don’t own Seasons.

The standard weather effects you’d expect, including sun, cloud, rain, and snow, are all present but there are two others you really need to watch out for. These are icy conditions and thunder snowstorms. Both of these can be incredibly dangerous for your Sims.

Icy conditions will cause Sims to fall when walking in the snow, especially in the Yukimatsu neighborhood. They will also increase the risk of injuries when participating in Winter sports. For those attempting to climb Mt. Komorebi in these conditions, they can even be fatal. Thunder snowstorms are blizzards and storms combined and are also hazardous as they can cause Sims to be struck by lightning, an effect that gives a deadly dazed debuff.

For those who do have Seasons, it’s also a good idea to keep an eye on your Sims clothing. They will need to wear outdoor outfits as soon as they set foot outside a building, especially in Yukimatsu, to avoid freezing to death. However, many of them don’t appear to have gotten the memo, so check they aren’t still in their swimsuit from a dip in the hot springs before they venture too far.

Hiking Has Hidden Benefits

There are a number of new activities in the game and some have hidden benefits. Building rock climbing skills will allow Sims to climb Mt. Komorebi, having a chance to earn a reward and a new trait, but it’s easy to miss the benefits of walking and hiking.

You can enjoy hiking by selecting the trails available in Yukimatsu and Sebnbamachi neighborhoods. Along the way, Sims may encounter negative events, such as bug attacks, as well as more positive ones, such as Spirit encounters. They may collect or wish upon Spirits and can gain tranquility moodlets, small rewards such as Simmies, or Simoleons.

If you choose to enjoy a meditative hike there are other benefits as well. Negative moodlets will fade faster and you’ll begin to gain emotionally mindful moodlets. After several hours these will stack up and become a +10 Strength emotion, controlled emotions. This allows you to click on your Sim and use the surge emotions ability. You can then trigger any emotion you wish and it will last for 12 hours.

Other meditative actions such as cloud gazing and painting can also trigger or extend the same effects, although surge emotions can only be used once before it must be built up again.

There Are Some Lesser Known Activities

Snowy Escape is packed with activities. You can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, sledding, climbing, and relaxing in the Onsen. There are also walks to take and forest spirits to meet. However, you’ll also find other activities that aren’t as obvious.

If you head over to the Wakaba neighborhood you’ll find an area with a barbeque and bench on some sand by a river. If you go down to the water’s edge you can swim in the river.

There’s also a new activity for children; the Voidcritter hunt. This takes place during the Festival of Youth and can be started by getting your child Sim to talk to Yamachan. Once the event begins you can click the ground in the square and choose search for Voidcritter. Random ones will appear across the square and you can click on them to collect them and earn a prize.

Mt. Komorebi Has Hidden Editable Lots

Journeying up Mt. Komorebi using the new mountain expedition event will take you to different points on the mountain. There are some facilities along the way, including bushes, a tent, and berries to pick, but each stop also contains a hidden lot you can edit.

First, you’ll need to enable testing cheats by opening your cheat bar and typing testingcheats on or testingcheats true. Once this is done go to the area on the mountain you want to add a lot too and type in bb.enablefreebuild. You’ll now be able to freely edit and save a lot in this area. Just be aware that once you save the social event will end and your Sims will get a debuff for a failed event, unless you reached the top.

Signs Can Be Used To Modify Behavior

You will no doubt have noticed that Sims will take their shoes off on entering homes in Mt. Komorebi. They will also change upon entering the Onsen and shower before using the Hot Springs.

All this behavior is prompted through the use of signs. You can also use the same signs to ban electronics in specific areas. Try cycling through them and checking out the diagrams to discover all the options.

The Festivals Offer A Lot To Do

At first glance, the Festivals seem quite bland but there is more to them than first appears. For example, at the Festival of Light Sims can follow the candle trail to the graveyard and pay their respects to the deceased.

Each Festival offers a unique food to try, outfit to purchase, and main event but they all also offer extra activities, such as playgrounds for children, as well as new things to see. Every Festival also acts as a neighborhood gathering, making it a great way to make friends.

Snowy Escape also contains a large number of new interactions based around the new career, skills, activities, and sentiments, as well as Sims lifestyle choices. There are so many we can’t list them all but keep an eye on your social interactions for some new and unique ways to build relationships and truly enjoy life in Mt. Komorebi.

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