The Summer Of Morbius Continues As It Hits Number One On Netflix

Yesterday, the Queen died. But every storm cloud has a silver lining, as Morbius is now Netflix’s number one movie.

You might remember Morbius as that terrible movie starring Jared Leto as the titular vampiric anti-hero. It was also perhaps the first movie ever to not just flop once but twice. Somehow, Sony was convinced by rampant memes on social media that the first time was just a joke and that all those Morbheads would actually stream into theaters to watch the movie if they just brought it back a second time.

Those same Morbheads tried to troll Sony for a third time, but it doesn’t look like Sony took the bait. Instead, the movie was released on streaming service Netflix on Wednesday where people could safely see what all those memes were about.

So far, the public response has been as mixed as it was when the movie was first released in theaters. Some fans are even suggesting that the Queen's death is a direct result of Morbius being released on Netflix.

However, those fans would be wrong. Morbius was only released on Netflix in the US, with UK Netflix remaining blissfully ignorant of what time it is (Morbin' time, obviously). You can see in the Netflix charts that Morbius is only number one in the US while the rest of the world is enjoying Love in the Villa, a rom-com starring Kat Graham and Tom Hopper. Philistines, all of them.

Now, I’m not suggesting that everyone reading this subscribe to a VPN service to spoof their location to be somewhere in the United States in order to fool Netflix into streaming Morbius around the world, but I’m not not suggesting it either. The Queen died so that Morbius could live. Let not her sacrifice be in vain.

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