The Tonight Show Is Coming To Fortnite For Some Reason

Fortnite has collaborated with so many series, shows, and franchises that some people might think the BR's options are starting to run dry. That's unlikely as there are almost no limits to what can come to Fortnite, something that has been proven once again this week as it was revealed The Tonight Show is coming to the island.

Well, technically The Tonight Show is getting an island of its own. Rather than dropping the show's iconic set right in the middle of the game, which would make this team up even stranger, the talented folks at Beyond Creative have turned it and the 30 Rock building it airs from into an entirely separate map using Fortnite Creative.

The crossover is sponsored by Samsung and if you can't fire up Fortnite yourselves right now, you can take a first look at what exactly the map has to offer in the clip below. Explore the faithful Fortnite remake of the 30 Rock building, the same one that featured in the show of the same name, and take a tour around The Tonight Show set. Apparently Jimmy Fallon is in there too even though Jonesy has assumed the host's role in the picture above.

While the aim of the game isn't to eliminate each other on this particular Fortnite island, there are a number of minigames dotted throughout. One of which appears to be jumping in a Baller and trying to launch yourself down some strategically placed pipes Mario-style, sort of. Fallon has also hinted today's edition of The Tonight Show will be linked to its Fortnite map in some way, so be sure to tune in if that interests you.

You don't have to wait until tonight's show to explore the new island. Use the code 2678-5325-0723 to access it right now. Fortnite season four kicked off over the weekend. Most people probably weren't expecting the first collab of the chrome-themed season to be with The Tonight Show.

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