The Ubisoft Forward Stream Is Followed By Devolver Forwarder

As soon as Ubisoft Forward closes, it’s set to get immediately upstaged by the next showcase – Devolver Forwarder. Devolver Digital is no stranger to poking fun at gaming industry conferences, but it’s upped the ante this time, promising the most Forward event of the summer.

Devolver Forwarder kicks off June 12, this Saturday at 1:30 pm PT/9:30 pm BST. As the name suggests, we can expect the usual satirical jabs at the nature of announcement showcases and various industry practices. With the return of previous host, Nina, we can expect more over-the-top violence and parodies of other conferences.

However, it is ultimately a game conference itself, so there will be some announcements too. It’s already been confirmed that there will be four new game premiers, as well as updates on some previously revealed projects. Additionally, as the publisher of the immensely popular Fall Guys, we’re likely to get an update on some skins or stages coming to the game too.

One of the most requested announcements is easily Hotline Miami 3, which was recently teased in a tweet about the upcoming showcase. It isn’t immediately obvious, but if you zoom in on the whiteboard in the top left corner you can faintly make out the text: “HOTLINE MIAMI”.

Summer Games Fest kicks off today with Geoff Keighley opening the show at 11am PT/7pm BST. The event runs through until next Tuesday, June 15.

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