The Witcher 3: A Guide To A Knight’s Tales

If you have the Blood & Wine DLC expansion for the Witcher 3, you’ll be able to find and complete a really weird quest that has a few different solutions. This quest is called A Knight’s Tales and involves a few things that are typical Witcher: a bleeding tree, a witch, a curse, and much more.

There are two ways to activate this quest. First, head to the notice board at Castel Ravello and find the note called “Needed: Master Magicker!” Second, you can just find the contract issuer, Jacob, in Western Toussaint.

Activate the Quest

Jacob will tell you that the large tree nearby is strangely bleeding. You can use your Witcher Senses to confirm this, and you’ll also notice that it seems to be crying. You can examine the blood on the tree itself, blood near the area, and a smaller tree that seems to have been cut down.

Return to Jacob and tell him you’re willing to take on the quest. You won’t be getting much money from him, but you are free to haggle if you desire. From here, Jacob will tell you about a witch from Lynx Crag and a knight.

He’ll also give you a book called Tales and Fables. Read it as soon as you can, because you’ll need it for one of the possible methods to complete the quest.

The Witch

Head northwest from this area to Lynx Crag. On a high hill, you’ll find the witch’s hut. Unfortunately, your horse won’t be able to make this trek, so you’ll have to do it on foot.

At the hill is a cave filled with Kikimores and their eggs. Igni can destroy the eggs and the Kikimores themselves are weak to fire-based attacks as well. Watch out for their poison. If you investigate the cave, you’ll eventually find a body you can climb to. If you examine it, you’ll retrieve Sir Gareth’s bone, which you may make use of later in the quest.

Once inside the hut, you’ll need to use your Witcher Senses. You’ll find two books and a note. Last, examine the bear pelt hanging inside. Behind it is a magic symbol that you can examine. Grab the Silk Kerchief, and the witch will show up.

When you talk to the witch, you’ll find you have three options for lifting the curse. You can opt to lift it yourself, you can try to make the witch do it, or you can ask her nicely. You’ll only have the option to ask her nicely if you read the book that Jacob gave you and you examined all four objects in the witch’s hut.

Option A: Force the Witch to Help

If you force the witch to help, you’ll have to fight her. She is a powerful foe and also summons a level-40 panther that will assist her, giving you two opponents at once. It’s not too hard a fight if you make use of your signs. Once she’s almost finished off, she’ll agree to help you.

Return to the tree and Jacob, just to find that he’s missing. It seems Daphne, the spirit in the tree, possessed a wolf named Morholt, and you’ll need to kill it and examine the remains, finishing the quest.

If you decide to finish the quest this way, you’ll earn Proof of Valor for the quest “There Can Only Be One.”

Option B: Do it Yourself

If you decide to lift the curse yourself without the witch’s help, you’ll have to prepare for combat. Return to Jacob and attempt the ritual yourself. You’ll have to light four fires around the area. After you finish, Daphne, the wraith possessing the tree, will emerge. You’ll need to fight her, but she’s like any ordinary wraith, so she’ll be weak to wraith oil and Yrden.

If you successfully defeat her, talk to Jacob for your reward. He won’t be happy, though.

Option C: Ask the Witch for Help

If you decide to ask the witch for her help lifting the curse, she’ll either praise you for having already found Sir Gareth’s bone, if you did, or tell you that you’ll need it. If you didn’t retrieve it on your way in, head down into the cave to find it.

Once you have it, return to the tree and talk to Jacob. He’ll agree to help with the ritual, and you’ll need to light four fires. If you have the bone on you, Daphne will appear in her ghostly form and ask if Gareth was faithful. No matter what you answer, she’ll thank you and then depart this world for good. Jacob will be much happier with this result, and give you your payment.

Choosing this path and completing it successfully will give you Proof of Wisdom for the quest “There Can Only Be One.”

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