The Witcher 3: How To Meditate, And What It Does

Meditation is one of Geralt’s many useful skills and serves several functions in The Witcher 3. Geralt will find fulfillment in meditation repeatedly throughout his travels, from merely a tranquil way of passing the time to regenerating his health and potions.

How To Meditate

Geralt may only meditate outside of combat and while stationary on his own two feet, not astride Roach. The Meditation page can be accessed through the same menu as the World Map. Players will find the Meditation tab to the far right of the list. Once on the page, players may select a timespan for meditating by rotating the hands on the clock. The wheel is broken up into quarters. “Dawn,” “Midday,” “Dusk,” and “Midnight,” but any time may be selected in-between.


Meditation regenerates health and cleanses Toxicity. However, these health benefits do not apply to difficulty levels above “Story and Sword.” One hour of meditation is enough to fully regenerate health.

Geralt can replenish his potion stores by meditating as well. When meditating, Geralt will automatically restore his potions using available Alcohol from the inventory, such as Alcohest or Dwarven Spirit. One hour of meditation is sufficient here as well.

Time Elapse

Geralt can meditate to speed up time. If there is a timeframe required for a particular quest, players can skip right to the appropriate time, instead of waiting around or doing other tasks in the meantime and possibly missing the allotted timeframe. An example of this would be the quest “Count Reuven’s Treasure,” where Geralt must meet Triss at the Eternal Fire shrine around midnight. In this instance, Geralt could go to the shrine, say around 9 pm and meditate for three hours, prompting the quest to start when he’s done.

The time-elapse is also helpful if Geralt finds himself in need of a merchant past their work hours. Smithies and Merchants don’t hang around all night, so if Geralt finds himself riding into town with a full load in the dead of night, he can meditate until the shops reopen at around 5 am.

Meditation is a simple task but a handy skill for Geralt to habitually utilize. While greater difficulties won’t benefit from health regeneration, it’s still an efficient way to restore potions and pass the time.

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