The Witcher 3’s Current-Gen Upgrade Finally Fixes NPC Clones

The current-gen upgrade for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is right around the corner, which was just recently shown off for the first time by CD Projekt Red. We learnt about so many new additions to the game during the showcase such as a photo mode, Quick-Sign ability, and a whole bunch of DLC inspired by the Netflix show, but fans are also beginning to notice other small changes that weren't highlighted at all.

One of these changes was shared by Redditor hikkyry (thanks GamesRadar), who pointed out that it looks like CD Projekt Red may have fixed the infamous NPC clone issue that plagued a number of cutscenes in the game. All too often in the original version of The Witcher 3 would Geralt be talking to someone or looking at something, only to have three identical men stood behind him. Not a huge issue, but it definitely takes you out of the experience a little.

As can be seen in hikkyry's post on The Witcher subreddit embedded below, there is a man wearing green clothes and a leather cap both to the left and right of Geralt in the original version, but these two men have seemingly been replaced by a man in brown clothing and Michael Sera in the upgraded version. Obviously, we can't check just yet if other cutscenes have also been improved like this, but it's a good indicator that Novigrad's cloning issues have finally come to an end.

Another small improvement that was revealed after yesterday's showcase also might have made it so Geralt can survive a small drop without having to tuck and roll. CD Projekt Red's Philipp Weber revealed on Twitter that the developer has "tweaked" fall damage in the upgraded version of The Witcher 3, hopefully allowing Geralt to jump down from the curb without having his shins shatter like glass.

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