There’s "No Chance" That Dragon Age 4 Is Coming This Year

It seems the journey to Tevinter Imperium is still pretty far away. Despite being in development since 2015, BioWare's Dragon Age 4 won't be coming this year according to insider Tom Henderson.

He shed some light on how things are progressing for the highly-anticipated fantasy RPG, "A source with knowledge of EA's plans has said there's 'no chance' that Dragon Age 4 will release in 2022." While it may be a hard pill to swallow for long-term fans of the series, especially with Dragon Age: Inquisition launching all the way back in 2014, sometimes it's better not to rush things.

Reporter Jeff Grubb backed up Henderson's hint by saying that Dragon Age 4 is not coming "anytime in the next year." He also believes the game shouldn't be expected early next year as well. The realistic timeframe might be Summer 2023, but even that is a "vague hope more than a real target."

As of now, BioWare hasn't officially announced any potential launch date for the series' follow-up. Back in December, the studio revealed its plans to start talking about Dragon Age 4 in full in 2022.

So far, all we know about the game is that Solas is making his return, the game is set in Tevinter, and will be a single-player, narrative-driven RPG "that is built on choices that matter" — just like its predecessors. From the looks of its teasers and concept-art shared by the team, Dragon Age 4's visual style might differ from what fans are expecting, with some special architecture, clothing, and weapons never before seen in the series.

Alongside Dragon Age 4, the studio is also working on the next Mass Effect game — but this one is scheduled to arrive a few years after. With such a busy pipeline, we can only hope the studio will manage to finish the development with no so-called "BioWare magic," recently explained by former veteran Mark Darrah. Until then, we've got Mass Effect Legendary Edition to tie us over.

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