This App Can Turn Your Head Into A Games Controller

Head tracking has been around in gaming for a few years now, and while it offers a good in-between step to VR for people who get motion sickness, it's still something that requires specialized equipment. TrackIR is perhaps the best-known solution for those looking for head tracking options, but it might have just met its match.

Eyeware Beam is a new head tracking app for iPhone and iPad that recently entered its open beta phase. This means anyone can download the app to turn their iOS device into a head and eye-tracking camera. It works on over 190 games, including Microsoft Flight Simulator, Star Citizen, Cyberpunk 2077, Destiny 2, and many more, all through one simple app download.

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To get started, just download the app on the Apple App Store. After it's installed, you'll need to register an email where Eyeware Beam will send you a link to download the companion app on your Windows PC. After that, just make sure your iPhone or iPad is on the same wifi network, go through the calibration steps, and presto! You've got head tracking for your favorite games.

There are some caveats, of course. You'll need to have your iPhone or iPad set on a sturdy stand around your monitor and you'll need to be in a well-lit space. You also can't be too close or too far away from the camera that it can't see your eyes properly.

How does Eyeware Beam work? As Eyeware co-founder Bastjan Prenaj tells us, "Our platform-independent human perception AI for 3D cameras bypass the need for specialized hardware so that gamers and streamers can get reliable and cost-effective head and eye-tracking technology for gaming and live streams.”

Eyeware Beam is free to download, but keep in mind it's still a beta release so there might be a few kinks left to work out.

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