This Fighting Game Pits Classic Writers Like Hemmingway And Lovecraft Against Each Other

MultiVersus has taken the world by storm thanks to its bizarre IP mishmash, pitting Batman against Finn and the Iron Giant, but indie dev AVOS' game is somehow even more bizarre. Write 'n' Fight is an all-new fighter with a roster made up of classic authors like Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare, throwing hands to the backdrop of Cthulu.

Unlike MultiVersus, which is a platform fighter through and through, Write 'n' Fight is a traditional 2D fighter in the vein of Mortal Kombat or Virtua. However, it has some untraditional and experimental game modes like the "Prophet mode" that makes it a turn-based strategy as "both players blindly enter the string of commands without knowing the commands of the opponent." Afterwards, chaos ensues as the two writers start flailing about the arena.

You can also summon a "magic" arena themed around the writer which turns you into a boss fight. If in this time, you fall into the "danger" zone, you can be taken down with one hit. Fyodor Dostoevsky will have a hell of a time right-hooking Lev Tolstoy in a one-hit KO. You can put it on your wishlist right now out of morbid curiosity, but it doesn't have the most glowing of reviews.

"You didn't test it before releasing it," saikoro wrote in their review. "A good idea is ruined by lack of technology. Windowed mode does not work and forces you to go to full screen. It seems to depend on the game mode, but it crashes and returns you to the title screen before you can start the game. I don't care anymore that it doesn't support game controllers."

A fighter without controller support might be difficult to wrap your head around and get used to but Write 'n' Fight is mouse and keyboard exclusive, something that has sparked a backlash in its so-far 11 reviews, marking it as "Mostly Negative".

Regardless, we can now see the English curriculum come to life in an all-out brawl with hovering books, sprawling deserts, and monstrous literal Lovecraftian monsters. Everyone was asking to see that, right?

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