This Is What Happens When A Genshin Impact Hangout Event Goes Horribly Wrong

When Mihoyo released Genshin Impact’s last update, version 1.4, Invitation of Windblume, it introduced a new Hangout Event system. And while the new event series has been an adorable exploration into your relationships with the Genshin Impact’s cast, one Redditor encountered a horrifying surprise when he tried to meet up with Bennett.

For the uninitiated, Hangout Events allow you to go on a little outing with your chosen character. You use the story keys picked up from doing daily quests to unlock the events, and right now you can choose from Barbara, Noelle, Chongyun, or Bennett. You can collect the usual rewards from Hangout Events, and there’s an aspect of replayability there since each encounter has multiple paths.

Anyway, that’s all cute and all, but the Reddit post is what you’re here for. Redditor Thymear posted their attempt at beginning Bennett’s hangout event with him while roaming about Teyvat. It looks like Bennett is their last to unlock, but once they go to spend their keys, all hell breaks loose. You can check out the video, aptly titled “what,” below from Reddit.

Okay, goodbye I guess, Keqing. It’s not really clear what causes the extremely dramatic death, but sorry, Thymear, your death was kind of hilarious. So, thanks for sharing! It looks like the game, unfortunately, stalled a bit, giving one of the nearby bandits a chance to spam a million of their firey moves. The best part is definitely that the offender just runs off at the end, like nothing even happened.

Genshin Impact runs pretty smooth for the most part, but the community often reports more silly encounters like this. Back before Ganyu was playable, we saw this clip of her boring the traveler to death, literally. Sometimes, the game’s troubles will work out in your favor, too. Like in this clip another player posted, where Diluc just endlessly dives a Ruin Guard until it’s dead.

Genshin Impact’s next update, version 1.5, is just around the corner. You can check out the latest teaser, Beneath The Light of Jadeite, now.

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