This Lifelike Grogu Animatronic Costs Up To $100,000

Grogu aka The Child aka Baby Yoda might well have been Disney's biggest moneymaker of the last decade. While integral to The Mandalorian's story, Grogu was clearly created with merch in mind. Now you can own the ultimate piece of Grogu merch, providing you have at least $85,000 to spare.

Plushes and Funko Pops are all well and good, but the animatronic Grogu on show at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend is seriously next level. If you were to pass the EFX Collectibles booth, you might think you were seeing the actual Grogu puppet used for the Disney+ show. That's not the case, and the robotic character you can see below is actually for sale.

As touched upon above, it's going to cost you. Prices for the ultimate Star Wars collectible begin at $85,000 and go all the way up to $100,000. Each Grogu is custom built to order, and the price is determined by just how realistic you want him to be. As highlighted by Gizmodo, Grogu's pram is hiding 15 servos that control his movements. If you want the little critter to seem even more real, you can have its creators add more servos, thus bumping up the price.

As for just how realistic this Grogu can be, even at its lowest price, it really is the next best thing after the puppet used in the show. EFX worked with Legacy Effects, the company responsible for creating Disney's Grogu puppet, on the animatronic you can see above. Some of the secrets the special-effects company shared with EFX include fabric samples, and even how to paint the little guy's eyes.

EFX also worked with Garner Holt Productions. Specialists in animatronic production, EFX teamed with the company in order to create a Grogu that would stand the test of time. Unlike the real thing, the animatronic Grogu won't have a designated team looking after it 24/7, so it needs to be a little more robust. Grogu isn't the only Star Wars collectible to have already been showcased this weekend. A new Jedi: Survivor figure has confirmed Cal will have a blaster and a beard in the sequel.

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