This Mario 64 Record Has Been Broken With A Drum Kit

The Super Mario 64 speedrunner who plays with a drum kit has done it again, breaking the 20-minute barrier after two and a half years to practice. Streamer CZR performed the incredibly impressive feat live with his viewers, understandably over the moon to reach such a milestone in the wild speedrunning category.

This comes just a few months after we covered CZR's previous record of 21 minutes and nine sections. Now, the world record is 19 minutes and 48 savings – a big timesave for CZR and a huge moment for Mario 64 Drum% enthusiasts everywhere.

As you can see in the run, every input needed to play Super Mario 64 has been remapped to a real-life drum kit. Everything from moving the analogue stick to manuerving the various platforming segments requires a different beat, giving us both a beautifully chaotic playthrough and drum solo.

Other than that, if you were to just watch the gameplay, the race to get 16 stars looks just like any other Super Mario 64 speedrun, albeit with a sick backing track.

With the Drum% record now in the 19 minute range, it puts it only five minutes longer than the main 16-star record, which currently sits at 14 minutes, 41 seconds. That record was only set ten days ago, showing how ridiculously competitive Mario 64 speedrunning has remained so long after launch.

When a game's speedurnning scene because this optimized, we can expect more categories like Drum% to pop off. Some even opt to try and complete the game without sight, with one such runner beating The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in under an hour, blindfolded. Mario 64 even has its own blindfolded category, because of course it does. Playing normally is just too easy, I guess.

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