This Mass Effect Office Parody Puts Michael Scott On The Citadel

Close your eyes. Oh wait, that doesn't really work here. Okay, keep them open, but imagine a world in which Michael Scott is the commander of Mass Effect's Normandy. Now stop imagining and watch the video below as someone incredibly talented has created a montage in which Commander Shepard has been replaced with Michael Scott.

The video begins with the Dunder Mifflin manager being briefed by Captain Anderson. Scott awkwardly shuffles around but breaks his silence when Anderson feeds him the perfect line for a “that's what she said” response. The Office theme then plays as a Reaper descends from the sky, wreaking havoc and giving anyone who loves both the show and Mass Effect incredibly mixed feelings.

Those feelings become even more mixed when you realize the ominous sounds the Reapers make slots perfectly into the end of The Office's theme. Cut to Scott on the Normandy labeling the ship the best place he has ever worked. A voiceover section that includes my personal favorite scene from the mashup, the paper-selling boss using a cat puppet to punch Joker in the face as he attempts to fly the Normandy.

Created by eli_handle_bwav, the talented creator is responsible for all sorts of videos that put famous characters from movies and TV shows into some major video games. Those creations include putting Shrek in Fallout 4, Kermit the Frog in Half-Life 2, and an alternate universe in which Leslie Nielsen's Frank from the Naked Gun movies has to make it in Detroit: Become Human.

Mass Effect fans might well get the chance to experience a world directly after the end of the original trilogy without Shepard as BioWare continues to work on the next game in the series. Let's hope the new protagonist is a little more qualified than Scott at saving the galaxy as it seems likely whoever is tasked with stepping into Shepard's shoes will need to perform the same sort of heroics as they did for three iconic games.

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