This Week In Fortnite (4/19 – 4/25)

A busy week in Fortnite featuring X-Force, live music, and the game’s long-awaited arrival on the Google Play store.

Travis Scott has dominated Fortnite headlines this week. The singer’s first in-game concert took place last night and a record 12.3 million players logged in to watch it go down. The previous record was set by Marshmello’s live Fortnite performance which was watched by 10.7 million players. The best news for Fortnite? Scott still has four more performances to go.

Scott isn’t Fortnite‘s only guest right now. Deadpool’s stay on the island continues and he has now been joined by other X-Force members, including Cable. Not only that, but the Deadpool challenges continue to pile up which means more goodies to be earned by players. An alternative X-Force Deadpool skin is now available to unlock for completing the anti-hero’s latest challenges.

The other big news to come out of camp Fortnite this week is the game’s long-awaited arrival on the Google Play store. Although Android owners have been able to play Fortnite on their devices for a while, the game was only available to download directly from Epic. The addition of a middle-man makes things easier for Android owners who want to play Fortnite and will likely attract even more players to the game in the coming weeks.

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