This Week In Modding: Fallout 3 Reimagined, Ordering Pizza On Oblivion, And More

Bethesda game modders never cease to amaze. This week, one of them has released a mod that allows you to fully roleplay in Fallout 3. Another has made it possible to order real-life pizza by talking to an Oblivion NPC, because there is no end to their talents.

On top of that, we have big news for Perfect Dark fans, as modding just became a whole lot easier. All of that and more in this week’s mod round-up.

Fallout 3 Mod Lets You Create Your Own Backstory

Perhaps one of the most criticized aspects of Fallout 3 – aside from its ending – is the fact that it’s pretty hard to actually roleplay. No matter what, you’ll always be Liam Neeson’s child, raised in a Vault. Now, we have a mod that fixes that. With “You Are Not The Father” installed, your in-game dad is renamed Doctor James Hathaway, and all references to you two being related are removed. This involves rewording numerous pieces of dialogue, as well as changing why you’re getting involved with Project Purity in the first place. Instead, you’ll play as a merc and old friend of Hathaway, called on to help bring clean water to the Wasteland. All in all, it lets you play with your character’s motivations some more, and means you can skip the lengthy tutorial.

Mass Effect 3 Mod Keeps Ashley And Kaidan Alive

We already had a mod that made it so you can save both Ashley and Kaidan in the first Mass Effect, but now, you can continue that save file over to Mass Effect 3. This mod for the Legendary Edition of the third game lets you play through with both Kaidan and Ashley still among the living. Not only does it remove all references to one of them being dead, it also makes it possible to bring both on missions, not having to choose one over the other. It looks like you’ll have to choose which one appears in certain scenes, since in the vanilla game it’s meant to be one or the other, but both can party with you in the Citadel DLC.

Perfect Dark Decompile Makes Mods Possible

22 years after its launch, Perfect Dark has finally been reverse-engineered. In practice, this means that it will now be possible for modders to port and mod the game without legal concerns. The most exciting prospect is now having it ported to PC, making it widely available to many more players. Best of all, it’s all above board – the game was recreated from scratch, so it doesn’t technically belong to the original copyright holders.

Oblivion Mod Lets You Order A Real-Life Domino's Pizza

Yes, you read that right. A modder has made it possible to make an order to your local Domino’s Pizza by chatting to an Oblivion NPC – no human interaction required. If you have $29 to spare, you can download the mod now, and watch in awe as Pizza Black, an NPC found in Weye, orders you a 12-inch thin-crust pizza, an eight-piece box of Garlic Bread Twists, and a bottle of Fuze Lemon Tea. Alas, it only works for that specific order, and only for those playing in the US. Still, it showcases the limitless talent and imagination of Elder Scrolls modders, always ready to surprise us.

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