This Week In Pokemon: Scarlet & Violet Sells Millions, Ghost Types Banned, And More

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is a mess, but it’s not a disaster. Far from it, in fact, as the game breaks multiple records with its successful launch, already shifting millions of copies worldwide.

However, its problems are far from over. Two Ghost types are so unbalanced that they’ve already been banned from competitive play, which is a bad start for any generation. All of that and more in this week’s Pokemon news round-up.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Has Sold Over 10 Million Copies In Just 3 Days

As we’ll get into throughout most of this news round-up, Scarlet & Violet is an absolute mess. However, that hasn’t stopped it from performing monstrously well, selling 10 million copies in three days. This makes it the most successful game launch in Nintendo history, with iffy reviews and constant fan complaints not being enough to take the wind out of its sails. This has left some fans worried, as they’re concerned that this is telling Game Freak that the community will happily accept a game released in this condition, warts and all.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Has The Most Successful Launch Of Any Game In The UK This Year

That wasn’t the only record Scarlet & Violet broke this week. Over in the UK, the next Pokemon generation has seen the most successful launch of any game this year, already beating the likes of FIFA 23 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Admittedly, this is only when you look at physical sales, not those from digital storefronts. But still, it’s a good indication that Nintendo has nothing to worry about in the region, clearly finding its audience.

Nintendo Support Apparently Telling Customers It Has Received "No Complaints" About Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Nintendo Support is reportedly telling customers that it has received no complaints about Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s performance issues and bugs, despite many claiming that they’ve received refunds by doing exactly that. This was shared by a fan who says they contacted the support team to report the issues they had faced, only to be told they were the only one to flag them with Nintendo. They were also apparently told that there are currently no plans for a patch to address the numerous issues players have faced since launch.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet's Competitive Scene Has Already Banned Houndstone And Flutter Mane

Not all of Scarlet & Violet’s issues are bugs. Two Ghost types, Houndstone and Flutter Mane, have been banned from competitive play, as it quickly became apparent that they were far too powerful. As soon as the game launched, teams had to be built around countering the pair, leading the competitive scene to quickly ban them. Interestingly, it only took a single overpowered move to get Houndstone banned, as Last Respects was found to give it far too much of a boost if used correctly. It remains to be seen if Game Freak decides to step in and nerf the Ghost types itself.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet's Fuecoco Is Apparently The "Most Broken Starter In Nuzlocke History"

It isn’t just the competitive scene that’s struggling to keep everything balanced. Fire type starter Fuecoco is destroying Nuzlocke playthroughs, making the challenge run far too easy. Described as “the most broken starter in Nuzlocke history”, Fuecoco can take down four gyms all on its own, letting you keep the rest of your team safe. It can even seemingly take on an Elite Four member without any backup, making the starter useful throughout the entire run.

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