Tower Of Fantasy Is Coming To Steam On October 20

Tower of Fantasy has gotten off to a decent start, but as with many brand-new live-service games, it was a little light on content at the beginning. Developer Hotta Studio is looking to fix that with the release of update 2.0: Vera.

In Vera, players will gain access to new missions, raids, events, and instances, fighting new monsters and bosses. There will also be new vehicles, weapons, and characters to unlock, and two huge new areas to explore.

We’ll start with Vera itself. First, the Desert Gobby offers a bleak, desolate wilderness filled with irradiated wildlife and terrifying monsters. At the center of the desert and shining like a jewel in the sand is the cyberpunk city of Mirroria. As you can see in the trailer below, Mirroria is a city of great wealth, technology, and secrets.

Along with new missions, the Desert Gobby is home to many enemies and locations. One of the most fearsome is the Grayspace, an area filled with Grayspace Entities that are damaging to Vera’s ecology. The most lethal–and the most lucrative–are the Abyssants. It will take all your wits and armaments to take one of these deadly creatures down.

The new characters include Lin, Ruby, and Saki Fuwa, which you can also see in action in the footage above. Vera and update 2.0 arrives on October 20, which is coincidentally the same day Tower of Fantasy launches on Steam. Expect more details to arrive on October 13 at 1 PM PT via Hotta Studio’s YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter channels.

One thing fans are likely hoping to see in update 2.0 is a balance and translation pass. Players have noted that in-game item descriptions aren't always performing as advertised, with some even stating that everything needs to be tested before players even know what they really do. Hopefully a balance pass will allow the developers to ensure that everything is working as intended in Tower of Fantasy.

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