Transform Into Your Enemies In Retro Stealth Indie The Chameleon

The retro aesthetic of the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s has been a popular style choice for pop culture entries of late, including the long-running Fallout franchise and the recent WandaVision series by Marvel. This vintage approach continues in the sci-fi stealth indie, The Chameleon, which houses a lot to be applauded.

Developed by Merlino Games, The Chameleon challenges the protagonist with the task of escaping an underground facility. With nothing but a flashy Hawaiian shirt and a mean right hook to protect you initially, the indie amps up the mystery regarding who you are, why you’re here, and why there are Among Us-like guards patrolling every corridor. What gives this game some flavor is the super power you acquire early on: the ability to transform into guards as the ultimate disguise to escape.

Of course, this power only allows you to transform temporarily – otherwise gameplay would be a breeze. You’ll have to strategize when and where to use your power – after acquiring it off of a gooey, floating lava ball – before the effect wears off. Using your chameleon power also depletes your energy, but you’ll find multiple boosts along the way. Other super powers that lie in the current build of the game include a dash and a super-punch – which is your only weapon. The rest is up to your skills in stealth as you dodge guards, explore the facility for answers, and ultimately, make your escape.

The Chameleon’s current build takes around 20 minutes to complete and begins with an apt 70s-inspired instruction video – which cleverly short circuits (after the Taco commercial) when describing what the guards are securing. The game has been praised for expanding the stealth genre with its transformation mechanics, and its pixelated art style and movement carries Max Payne vibes. The Chameleon’s sound design is particularly noteworthy, between the industrial discord, the slimy sounds of the power ball, and the relentless alarm that gives you a sense of urgency.

If the guards of The Chameleon reminded you of Among Us too, then it might interest you to know that the multiplayer social deduction game – which was one of the dark horses of 2020 – has topped the global mobile game download charts for the fourth month in a row. It’s also the second- best selling game on Steam and top of the Nintendo eShop Download charts.

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