Trek To Yomi Is A Side-Scrolling Samurai Game, Launching In 2022

Trek to Yomi is a new side-scrolling samurai game from publisher Devolver Digital which launches at some point next year.

Announced during Devolver Digital’s Max Pass Plus live stream, Trek to Yomi sees you playing as a young swordsman named Hiroki who is tasked by his dying master to protect the village and his loved ones from outside threats. According to the description underneath the game’s YouTube trailer, this lone samurai will “voyage beyond life and death to confront himself and decide his path forward.”

Unfortunately, a full release date was not announced, but the game will be coming at some point in 2022 to PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X. Devolver also didn’t specify whether or not Trek to Yomi would be coming to PS4 or Xbox One, so it’s safe to assume that the game will be a next-gen exclusive for those playing on consoles. Since it’s looking like a next-gen exclusive, it’s also safe to assume the game will likely release in the latter half of 2022.

As can be clearly seen from the trailer itself, Trek to Yomi stands out by adopting the classic black and white visuals seen in classic old-school samurai films from Kurosawa and the likes. Trek to Yomi also seems to be a completely side-facing affair, with a 2.5D art style that allows the player a greater sense of detail than your classic 2D games.

With its themes of revenge and samurai-inspired combat, Trek To Yomi is already being compared to Ghost of Tsushima, although it seems Devolver knew this would happen as it actually linked Sony’s exclusive samurai title to the game’s trailer on YouTube.

In case you missed Devolver Digital’s stream, a bunch of cool indie games were announced alongside updates to already announced titles. This includes a further look at Phantom Abyss, an asynchronous multiplayer game inspired by titles like Indiana Jones and Temple Run. Also revealed was the release date of Devolver’s Death’s Door as well as the aptly named Wizard With A Gun which looks a lot like Don’t Starve albeit with much more live ammunition.

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