Triangle Strategy: Chapter 3, Part 1 – Wither The River Flows Walkthrough

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Chapter Three of Triangle Strategy is the first chapter in the game to be split up into multiple parts, and it's also the first chapter to feature a vote using the Scales of Conviction. This is a big part of the game that dictates your playthrough's route.

While it's possible to enjoy a playthrough without looking ahead and planning everything out, some of you will want to know exactly how to secure the vote in your favor. Success will depend on your Convictions, but you can do things to boost your chances.

Voting Event: Whiteholm Castle

In Triangle Strategy, there will be multiple events that require you to make a decision using the Scales of Conviction. This involves a vote held amongst seven of your allies, who each get a say in the matter.

In this chapter, the vote concerns whether Serenoa goes on a diplomatic visit to Aesfrost or Hyzante. This will dictate the second half of this chapter, which involves a battle and a mutually exclusive character to recruit.

As the player, you have a chance to sway the vote to whichever outcome you desire using dialogue choices, and possible Information gathered in past chapters. Whether or not you are successful in convincing a character to your side depends on a few things:

  • The level of your Conviction that matches the decision. For example, in this chapter, going to Aesfrost is considered a Morality decision, and going to Hyzante is regarded as a Liberty decision.
  • The dialogue choices you pick when trying to convince a character. Selecting the right choices will lower how much Conviction you need to convince them.
    • Some dialogue choices are locked behind having certain pieces of Information. These are acquired in exploration events and voting events by talking to NPCs and finding hidden items.

    Before we get on with the vote itself, there are two Conviction choice dialogues that you can partake in by talking to Frani and Patriatte at the northern end of the bridge.

    Conviction Choice: Frani
    Roland is doing what he can for the kingdom in his own way. As his older brother, I'm sure you can see that.Liberty
    Roland may be a prince, but he is also like a brother to me. I swear to do all I can in the service of the crown.Morality
    I appreciate your concern, Prince Frani, and hope that you and I can be friends as well, just like our fathers before us.Utility
    Conviction Choice: Patriatte
    I should like to learn more about the Holy State of Hyzante. I know they lay claim to the Source and thus all Norzelia's salt.Utility
    I should like to know more about Frederica's home. I hear the Grant Duchy of Aesfrost is known for its views on freedom.Liberty
    I should like to hear more about our home of Glenbrook. Are they any problems I should be aware of?Morality

    It should be noted here that regardless of what you have done in the past three chapters, it is possible to secure the outcome you want based on just one of these conversations. To sway Anna to your side, you will only need to answer one of these prompts with a Morality or Liberty option and then pick the best option from the tables below. Convincing Anna will be enough to get the outcome you desire.

    Participant Leanings
    In favor of AesfrostRoland, Hughette, Erador
    In favor of HyzanteBenedict, Frederica, Geela

    In this walkthrough, the best persuasion options that you can pick are presented in tables. When chosen, these options will give you the lowest required amount of Conviction points to succeed in changing a character's mind.

    If an option requires a piece of Information, the second-best choice will also be included to know what to pick if you are missing the relevant item. For this chapter, all relevant Information is picked up in Chapter Two's second exploration event.

    How To Persuade People To Go To Aesfrost

    If you want to go Aesfrost, you're going to have to convince Benedict, Frederica, Geela, and Anna to agree with your reasoning. The other three characters should not be talked to as they will already vote for you.

    Going to Aesfrost is a Morality decision, so you will need a high Morality to convince everyone.

    CharacterBest Responses
    BenedictI would like to visit Frederica's homeland. Both to sate my own curiosity and for the sake of our marriage.
    Requires The Archives: Knowledge is the foundation of power. We could learn much by wandering the Archives for a spell.

    Best Alternative: Aesfrost's achievements in ironwork are second to none. Have you no interest in seeing such marvels?

    FredericaI want to see more of your homeland. As your betrothed, I feel the curiosity is only natural.
    I want to see a society built by the ambitious. A society free from stifling pomp and circumstance.
    GeelaRequires The Captured Smuggler: A story I heard of a particularly skilled smuggler caught my attention. They even sent the military after him… I wonder what he could have been peddling.

    Best Alternative: I wish to know more about my betrothed. What better way to do that than to visit her home?

    AnnaRequires The Captured Smuggler: I heard a story of a smuggler pursued by Aesfrost's military. I would like to hear more of the story, and what his crimes were to deserve such a grave response.

    Best Alternative: It is Frederica's home, and where my future brother-in-law resides as archduke. It's only natural to want to deepen our relationship.

    How To Persuade People To Go To Hyzante

    The characters you'll need to sway to head to the deserts of Hyzante are Roland, Erador, Hughette, and Anna. You can safely ignore Frederica, Geela, and Benedict, as they are already in favor of this proposal.

    Heading to Hyzante is a Liberty decision, so having high Liberty will give you a better chance of success.

    CharacterBest Responses
    RolandRequires The Holy State Of Hyzante: I would be fascinated to see a society where everyone is truly equal.

    Best Alternative: The salt from the Source has made them prosperous. I would be interested in seeing how that wealth manifests itself.

    EradorRequires The Ministry of Medicine: Stories of the miracles performed in the Ministry of Medicine have piqued my interest. Such knowledge could help our soldiers and common folk alike.

    Best Alternative: The sand and sun must make people of a different sort than here. It would be interesting to meet them.

    HughetteRequires The Ice Mage: It is said the skill of their mages is unequaled. Wouldn't you like to test your skill against such warriors?

    Best Alternative: I wish to see how their touted equality works in practice. For now, it is only words to me.

    AnnaRequires The Ministry of Medicine: I wish to see what miracles are performed at the Ministry, and learn what kind of magic and medicine enables them.​​

    Best Alternative: I hear everyone is treated as equals. I would see the truth of that claim.

    The Vote

    Once you have swayed everyone that you want, you can hit the Plus button to commence voting. There will be a short scene in which you'll see everyone voting.

    The outcome will resolve immediately, and you'll move on to Chapter Three, Part Two.

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