TSM Fortnite Player ZexRow Throws Up On Stream, Gets Banned

Anthony “ZexRow” Colandro, a professional Fortnite player for Team SoloMid, has been banned from Twitch for 7 days following an interesting stream on the platform. During a broadcast, ZexRow chugged what appeared to be multiple Monster energy drinks, eventually resulting in a temporary ban from Twitch.

The reason for the ban? Supposedly, he was displaying “self-harm” when feigning the consumption of multiple Monster energy drinks. Apparently some viewers in his chat were egging him on to continue drinking the energy drinks after the first two – so ZexRow filled the empty cans with water to make it seem like he was drinking even more of them.

Despite the fact that he was faking it, he allegedly ended up drinking around 9 can’s worth of water, resulting in actual sickness from consuming too much liquid. The result was about one minute of ZexRow puking his guts out on stream. His viewers didn’t know that is was only water however, and many believed him to be in actual danger for consuming too many of the dangerous beverages.

Although having a few energy drinks while gaming is nothing uncommon for Twitch streamers, it is well-known that ingesting too many can quickly turn dangerous. Even Monster itself has the warning “Consume Responsibly: Not recommend for children, people sensitive to caffeine, pregnant women, or women who are nursing” written on their website – many believing that more than two a day would be dangerous. When ZexRow appeared to be drinking upwards of 6, people became concerned.

Because ZexRow was only joking around and mislead his audience, he was quick to file an appeal to Twitch and may get his suspension reduced or completely lifted, but at the time of the writing – he remains banned. Even though the young Fortnite streamer is eager to return, his Twitter indicates that he has dealt with the suspension in good humor.

ZexRow is just shy of 200,000 followers on the platform, picking up almost 150,000 of them from 2019 alone. Ever since December of 2018, when he became partnered on Twitch and was picked up by TSM’s professional Fortnite roster, he has experienced consistent growth in popularity. Even though the ban will slow down ZexRow’s momentum, it likely won’t stop him in his tracks.

Sources: Twitter, Dexerto

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