Twerking bikini gamer faces YouTube ban. We bet you can’t guess why.

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    Zoie Burgher is a YouTube streamer who has been previously banned Twitch because of the nature of her videos.

    Burgher has gained somewhat of a reputation for twerking during Call of Duty killcams and even refering to herself as a ‘bikini streamer'.

    Unsurprisingly she gained quite a bit of hate, but Burgher took it on the chin, previously saying:

    “I stream, and all that entails: storytelling, game commentary, chat interaction, fostering a sense of community….while in a bikini,”

    Despite the ban, Burgher, who currently has a following of over 98k on Twitter, took her show onto YouTube where it has been making big waves and racking up millions of views with her 550k+ subscribers.

    But a possible ban could be about to scupper her new channel and the reason behind it could surprise you.

    It turns out that the potential ban has nothing to do with Zoie's twerking or stripping off.

    In fact it has everything to do with the small image of Zoidberg, the lobster alien character from Futurama.

    Burgher's online handle is a reference to the character of Zoidberg and all of her YouTube videos have featured an overlays displayed on the bottom left.

    Fox, the owners of Furturama seem to have had enough and issued a cease and desist agaist Burgher.

    The company say they want Burgher to “permanently remove all references to Futurama” as the association “creates consumer confusion because users encountering it will assume that Fox sponsors, endorses, or authorizes the use of the Fox IP or the content of your channel, when neither is true.”

    Fox have also suggested to Kotaku that Burgher may have to pay “statutory damages up to $150,000 per copyright infringed."

    Since the cease and desist, Burgher has stopped using the Zoidberg image in her streams, though according to Kotaku there are still videos on her channel that feature Zoidberg.

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