Twitch Streamer Builds Gaming Chair That Dunks Him Whenever He Dies In-Game

Playing certain games can be pretty tense. The threat of an opponent jumping out at any moment, or one misstep undoing a level's worth of work. Now imagine how much tenser it would be if every time you died in a game, you fell into a bucket of water. That's exactly what happens to one streamer while he plays Jump King.

You'll find a number of niche and new ideas on Twitch as streamers attempt to stand out, but finding something no one has done before is pretty rare. That's exactly what KeatDawg has managed to do though, even if the idea is likely inspired by contestants getting dunked on kids' game shows.

Whenever KeatDawg streams Jump King, he sits in a chair that gives way whenever he dies in-game. Waiting beneath that chair is a big bucket of water. After a dunk, he rigs the chair back up and continues on with the game. As for making sure his hardware doesn't get wet, his headset is attached to a wire so it doesn't take the plunge along with him.

The dunks in the video above are all from one stream, and according to KeatDawg's Twitch channel, at last count he has been dunked 345 times. The streamer is currently studying engineering. He wrote the code for his dunking project back in June and then built the contraption in July. After two months of work, he started his dunk streams and already has 1700 followers. A number that will likely continue to rise as more people learn about his dunking exploits.

While he only appears to have tried the chair out with Jump King so far, KeatDawg apparently intends to give it a go with Valorant and Fall Guys in the future. How exactly it will work with the latter is a little unclear. If the streamer gets dunked every time they fall from a stage, and not just when they're eliminated from the round, that could make winning crowns pretty tricky.

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