Twitch Streamer Gets 3-Day Ban For A Line Sketch Of A Butt

Another day, another Twitch controversy. Yet again, it’s a debacle concerning nudity and what will and won’t fly on the site—with a unique twist. We’ve seen the Twitch powers that be hand on punishment for offenses of this sort with wild abandon as of late, and, with the popular streaming platform seemingly so eager to axe its own content providers, it’s a wonder more personalities haven’t given up and migrated over to Mixer or YouTube.

The most recent victim of the overzealous Twitch ban hammer is the relatively little-known Virginia-based streamer ShyBear. A gamer and apparent artist, she was given a three-day boot for showing—get this—a nude painting. In truth, it wasn’t even a painting, it was a rough outline or sketch of a nude woman, and it’s likely innocuous enough to go unnoticed among even the most conservative circles. Twitch disagreed, however, and saw fit to temporarily confiscate her account for violating its terms of service.

Those familiar with the platform will know this already, but Twitch is extremely inconsistent with its policies and will ban certain streamers at a moment’s notice while giving others an unreasonable amount of leeway. It has become the defacto example of hypocrisy at this point, but few will have forgotten the controversy which took place last July when the oft-maligned streamer Alinity was seen throwing her cat over her head on camera. Nothing ultimately came of the incident, but it sparked a major debate as to what is and isn’t acceptable while streaming and who can and can’t get away with certain things.

A month prior to that incident, ex-developer and battle royale competitor extraordinaire Dr Disrespect received a fourteen-day ban for live streaming from a bathroom at E3 2019. He later apologized for the stunt, but many still felt that he wasn’t in the wrong to begin with. At the moment, ShyBear finds herself in much the same situation, forced to pay the price for something inane as an incomplete sketch.

Beyond that, when it comes to nudity, Twitch seemingly can’t keep its own rules straight. Revealing attire is nothing new in the streaming scene, and other streamers have gotten away with far more salacious stunts. Some have gotten away with wearing little more than body paint on camera, and yet they seem to have found themselves in the site administration’s blindspot. In fact, ShyBear herself was caught wearing an outfit of which her own father didn’t approve, and yet Twitch didn’t take issue with it. Yet an incomplete rendering of a butt crosses the line? Its system is about as consistent as the one used by Twitter, and avid social media users will know that to be a pretty dire comparison.

Additionally, this comes just days after Destiny, a much more recognized streamer, received a ban for accidentally showing a sexually-explicit thumbnail for a few seconds. Though his gaffe was arguably more offensive, it doesn’t change the fact that Twitch’s zero-tolerance policy is far too stringent. Few would deny the double standard the site has created, and Twitch needs to either firmly define exactly what will and won’t work on the site or relax its iron fist.

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