Twitter Has Won Another Gym Badge In Collective Game Of Pokemon Red

If you haven’t heard, users on Twitter have gathered together to play a game of Pokemon Red through another user’s avatar—15 seconds at a time. The experiment has been going since the early part of January of this year. Although there might be some hiccups, the collective actions of Twitter have resulted in winning another gym badge in the collective game of Pokemon Red.

“Twitter plays Pokemon,” as it’s come to be known, started in earnest on January 9, when amateur game developer Constantin Liétard set his Twitter profile to reflect the will of other Twitter users. Every 15 seconds, the most common comment (up, down, left, right, etc.) on Liétard’s profile will be determined and input into Pokemon Red. From there, Liétard’s profile picture will update with the corresponding screen in Pokemon.

After running for 15 days straight, Twitter users have won another gym battle, this time against electric-type leader Lt. Surge. After defeating Misty, Twitter decided to get on the S.S. Ann and fight its rival Blue. According to reports from the game’s Discord, Twitter’s party wasn’t doing well after fighting everyone on board. To make matters worse, it was decided that healing wasn’t necessary before the big match.

Luckily, it seems that the choice of Pokemon was ideal for the situation—despite not being at full health. Twitter’s Fearow (now known as CHAD) delivered the final blow against Blue’s Ivysaur. From there, Twitter made quick work of the gym puzzle, solving it in one go, and quickly worked through everyone on the gym’s main floor. Twitter then said, “Geodude, we choose you!” and wiped out Lt. Surge’s party, with Surge’s Raichu being taken down in a single blow.

Thus, the internet won the Thunderbadge while playing through a user’s avatar picture. At the time of this writing, Twitter had been deciding what moves to teach its newly evolved Jolteon and is now off to another adventure. The party consists of Level 30 Fearow (CHAD), Level 27 Graveler (ABBPRI), Level 30 Wartortle (AMAYBE), Level 28 Alakazam, Level 22 Gloom (Curse), and a Level 25 Jolteon (DHY).

Where Twitter is going to go from here is anyone’s guess, but the way that things have been going, it’s looking like Twitter may actually be able to beat the game.

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