Ubisoft DRM makes it impossible to play all of Might & Magic X – still on sale

With its servers shut down, most of Might & Magic X’s content is now inaccessible and yet you can still buy it.

Old school role-playing game Might & Magic X: Legacy saw its servers shut down at the beginning of June, which is controversial in its own right but given it’s fairly obscure and it’s seven years old that’s relatively understandable, especially as it’s a single-player game with no online multiplayer.

But several of the game’s players are claiming that the server closure has resulted in most of the game becoming completely inaccessible. Specifically, you apparently can no longer progress past Act One and any bonus content or DLC you’ve purchased can’t be accessed either.

What’s more upsetting is that Ubisoft is still selling the game. On Steam, you can buy Might & Magic X for £20.99, or its deluxe edition for £25.99, with The Falcon & The Unicorn DLC going for £5.49.

Understandably, players are upset that they’re no longer able to play a game they paid money for and while someone on the Steam forums has shared a workaround, it requires editing the game’s files and doesn’t affect the DLC.

Users on Reddit and ResetEra have already been discussing the legality of Ubisoft selling a game that you can’t even complete and DLC you can’t use, and whether anybody has the grounds to sue the publisher.

Others, however, have suggested that Ubisoft may just end up removing the game from Steam and refunding everyone who bought it. One user claims the company did something very similar with Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear, although according to them Rogue Spear was only available for a few days beforehand, whereas Might & Magic X has been on Steam for over six years now.

The ideal solution would be for Ubisoft to remove the DRM, since that’s what’s preventing players from accessing the rest of the game. Plus, players may prefer that to simply removing the game from sale, even with refunds.

Ubisoft did say earlier in the year that it would begin shutting down servers for several of its games and that this would render some content unavailable. Now that players are starting to feel the effects of these shutdowns, the company will likely need to do something to placate them.

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